Top 5 Concert Tickets Of The Week (3/24)

As the springtime starts to come and the weather starts to warm, music festivals will also start popping up all over the country. Most festivals will take place over the summer, but a select few will get a head start. This weekend will have the first event to really kick off festival season. Music festivals haven’t completely taken over, though, as plenty of normal concerts will take up the other spots in the week’s most expensive concert tickets.

  • 3/28/14 - 3/30/14 - Ultra Music Festival Three-Day Pass | Miami | Avg. Price: $743 | Get-in Price: $464

Ultra is one of the premier electronic music festivals in the world and the price of Ultra Music Festival tickets shows there’s plenty of demand to spend three days in Miami. The three-day pass is just below $750 for the average price and is currently the best way to get in the festival on the secondary market. Under 30 single-day tickets are available on the secondary market, with the second day of the festival completely sold out.

  • 3/27/14 - John Legend | The Smith Center | Avg. Price: $735 | Get-in Price: $319

Many dates on John Legend’s All of Me Tour have shot up in price, but perhaps none more so than his Thursday night show at the Smith Center in Las Vegas. John Legend tickets for his one night in Vegas costs almost as much as three days in Miami for Ultra. The price of the show has gone up 37% over the past week and could continue to rise until Thursday.

  • 3/28/14 - Lady Gaga | Roseland Ballroom | Avg. Price: $496 | Get-in Price: $168

Lady Gaga will be closing down New York City’s Roseland Ballroom with seven shows at the end of March to the beginning of April. Friday night, the 28th, will be Gaga’s first and most expensive show at the venue. Lady Gaga tickets are currently more expensive, on average, during her run at Roseland than her upcoming ARTPOP Ball World Tour.

  • 3/25/14 - Allman Brothers | Beacon Theatre | Avg. Price: $438 | Get-in Price: $117

The Allman Brothers have only four shows remaining during their Beacon Theatre residency, all of which are this week. Allman Brothers tickets will be available on the secondary market for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with Tuesday’s show being the most expensive. Prices have gone up 30% over the past week and should continue to rise as fans rush to see the last set of shows this week.

  • 3/28/14 - Robin Thicke | Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino | Avg. Price: $318 | Get-in Price: $302

A very limited number of Robin Thicke tickets are still available on the secondary market for his Friday night show at Fantasy Springs. The low quantity in tickets is the reason for the average and get-in price are so close. Demand has gone up 13% over the week, leading to the low amount of tickets still available.

These are some of the biggest names in music and the high ticket prices for each concert show how big each of these tours and residencies have been and will continue to be. These top concerts are sure to be great shows and could give fans a good chance to see their favorite artists live.

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