Top 5 NBA Games Of The Week (3/17)

One month. Thats all the time we have left until the NBA Playoffs begin. Teams are trying to do everything they can to prepare themselves for a chance to be one of those eight teams with a shot at the NBA Finals. The New York Knicks are one of those teams making a late season push having won their past six games in addition to bringing in the legendary Zen Master Phil Jackson to run the organization. The Knicks are on a roll but have a monumental task ahead of them when the very talented Indiana Pacers come to the Garden on Wednesday night, making our list of the Top 5 NBA tickets of the week.

1) 3/17 Oklahoma City Thunder @ Chicago Bulls - Avg $292 / Get-in $52 / Up 82%

Taking the top spot in our list this week are the OKC Thunder and Chicago Bulls who combine to play the most expensive game of the week. This game will be Joakim Noah Bobblehead night at the United Center in Chicago but all eyes will be on superstar Kevin Durant who is in the middle of a heated MVP race with Lebron James. Chicago Bulls tickets for this game have increased by an incredible 82% over the past week to be averaging the pricey $292 with a Get-in price of $52.

2) 3/19 Indiana Pacers @ New York Knicks - Avg $288 / Get-in $63 / Up 6%

As we mentioned before this Wednesday night game between this Pacers vs Knicks game would be one of the biggest games of the week. The Knicks will look to pick up their seventh straight victory in this game while the Pacers intend to extend their own winning streak to five games. Knicks tickets to this game are averaging $288 but if you act now you can still find some tickets as low as $63.

3) 3/22 Miami Heat @ New Orleans Pelicans - Avg $262 / Get-in $93 / Up 1%

Clocking in just a shade below the Pacers vs Knicks game comes this Saturday game between the defending NBA Champion Miami Heat and the New Orleans Pelicans in the Big Easy. This is New Orleans’ most expensive home game of the season averaging $262 due to Miami’s starstudded team but you can still go for under $100 with a Get-in price of $93.

4) 3/21 Memphis Grizzlies @ Miami Heat - Avg $238 / Get-in $50 / Up 2%

The day before the Heat travel to New Orleans to play the Pelicans they host the Memphis Grizzlies in the fourth most expensive game of the week. The Heat have been great at home all season long and should once again on Friday when Memphis comes to South Beach. This game has a very reasonable Get-in of $50 but prices go way up from there as it is averaging $238 per ticket.

5) 3/22 Portland Trail Blazers @ Charlotte Bobcats - Avg $234 / Get-in $11 / Up 15%

The final game of our list sees one of the more uncommon teams to make our list, the Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats have quietly been one of the teams to improve the most this season and their opponents the Portland Trail Blazers have been among the best in the league from the get go. This game will be bobblehead night of former Charlotte Hornet Kelly Tripucka as they honor him for his great play there. Prices for Bobcats tickets for this meeting clock in at an average price of $234 after going up by 15% over the last few days but still has an extremely low Get-in of $11.

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