Top 5 NBA Tickets Of The Week (3/24)

It is crunch time in the NBA. Teams are doing everything they can to win games now and secure their spot as one of the eight teams in each conference to get a chance to play for a NBA Championship. Teams such as the New York Knicks are just one of a few who have been making a push for the playoffs having won eight in a row before succumbing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in last nights game. With teams entering desperation mode the games over the next few weeks will be very intense and meaningful, which in turn has seen ticket prices increase for a bunch of games. The Top 5 NBA tickets of the week are:

1) 3/26 Miami Heat @ Indiana Pacers Avg $422 / Get-in $66 / Up 10%

Far and away the biggest and most expensive game of the week comes on Wednesday night when the Miami Heat travel to Indianapolis to play the Eastern Conference leading Indiana Pacers. These two teams have gone back and forth all season long as the top team in the East and with time winding down the Pacers have a three game lead over the Heat. This game is averaging an absurd $422 per ticket to make it one of the most expensive games of the season. If you don’t want to break the bank to see a game of high quality basketball you can Get-in to this game for just $66.

2) 3/28 Miami Heat @ Detroit Pistons Avg $271 / Get-in $43 / Up 42%

Two days later the Miami Heat travel to Detroit for what has turned into the second most expensive game of the week on Friday. This game hasn’t seen prices skyrocket to the level of Heat @ Pacers but are in the same airspace as tickets are averaging $271 after increasing by 42% over the past seven days.

3) 3/29 Los Angeles Clippers @ Houston Rockets Avg $245 / Get-in $55 / Up 5%

On Saturday we will see a big time Western Conference matchup featuring the 3 and 4 seeds, the Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets respectively. The Rockets trail the Clippers for third in the West but with a win can move up to just a half-game back in the standings. James Harden and Dwight Howard will need to be at their best if they hope to slow down Chris Paul and Blake Griffin when they come to H-town in a game that has tickets going for $245 on average with a reasonable Get-in of $55.

4) 3/24 Portland Trail Blazers @ Miami Heat Avg $235 / Get-in $49 / Down 12%

The Miami Heat make our list for the third time this week but unlike the other times, in this game they will be the home team. In this game tonight the Heat will play host to the Portland Trail Blazers who have won an impressive 45 games to date. This South Beach matchup would have been higher on our list but saw tickets fall by 12% since last week and is now averaging $235 with a Get-in of $49.

5) 3/28 New York Knicks @ Phoenix Suns Avg $194 / Get-in $38 / Up 10%

Rounding out our top five games of the week are the New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns. This Friday night showdown is huge to both teams as currently they are both on the outside looking in at the playoffs with the Knicks 3 games out and the Suns sit at just a half-game back. Tickets have jumped by 10% to its present average of $194 but it remains as the lowest Get-in of any game this week at $38.

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