Top 5 NBA Tickets Of The Week (3/3)

The All-Star Break has passed, the trade deadline has come and gone and the final countdown to the NBA Playoffs has begun. For the most part the teams who are going to be in the hunt for the Playoffs are known but their seeding is not which makes these next few weeks very important. It is no secret that when the Miami Heat come to town they draw a big crowd but this week we can really put that into perspective by showing the Top 5 NBA tickets of the week, wherein the Miami Heat take the top three spots and all of which are road games.


1) 3/4 Miami Heat @ Houston Rockets Avg $353 / Get-in $95 / Up 19%

This Tuesday night throwdown takes the top spot in our countdown after seeing Houston Rockets tickets increase by 19% since last Monday to their current average price of $353. King James will have his hands full and mask on when they travel to H-town to battle James Harden and Dwight Howard but you won’t have to pay full price to see them as some tickets allow you to get-in for as little as $95.

2) 3/9 Miami Heat @ Chicago Bulls Avg $294 / Get-in $96 / Up 11%

Later on this week the Miami Heat will travel to Chicago to play the Bulls sans Derrick Rose. While the face of the Bulls franchise (Rose) won’t be in uniform Joakim Noah will be who has been playing out of his mind this season and should be getting more attention for the numbers he is putting up this year. Chicago Bull tickets for this game are averaging $294 with a get-in of $96 after increasing in price by 11% since last week.

3) 3/6 Miami Heat @ San Antonio Spurs  Avg $253 / Get-in $62 / Down 3%

However before heading to Chicago the Heat will stop over in San Antonio for a rematch of last years NBA Finals when the play future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan and the Spurs. If this game is anything like that NBA Finals were than the average ticket price of $253 will be well worth it to see such great basketball, but you can get-in to this game for just $62 if you buy Spurs tickets now.

4) 3/7 Utah Jazz @ New York Knicks Avg $218 / Get-in $45 / Down 3%

The New York Knicks have some of the best fans in the NBA, but they also have some of the highest priced tickets in the league as well. As a result, when they host the Utah Jazz on Friday ticket prices are high enough to take the number four spot on our list this week averaging $218 with a get-in of $45.

5) 3/6 Oklahoma City Thunder @ Phoenix Suns Avg $208 / Get-in $18 / Down 7%

Finishing our list of the top five NBA games of the week is Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder who travel to Phoenix on Thursday to battle the Suns. This game is unlike the others on this list as it will have a T-shirt giveaway for all fans coming to the game, but in order to get that giveaway you’re going to be looking at prices for Suns tickets averaging $208. However if that is too rich for your blood than you can rest easy knowing that the get-in for this game is just $18.


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