Top 5 NHL Tickets Of The Week (3/10)

March 10, 2014

The trade deadline has passed and there are now just 36 days from now until the start of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs which begin April 16th. This week we see some of the highest priced games of this NHL season. To help better put this into perspective last weeks Top 5 games had an average ticket price of $231.40, however the Top 5 games this week average out to be over 27% more than last week coming in at an average price of $319.80. Those top five games are:

1) 3/16 Detroit Red Wings @ Chicago Blackhawks Avg $377 / Get-in $140 / Down 4%

There is nothing more hockey purists love than a game between two of the ‘Original Six’ NHL teams, which is how this game between the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks is the highest priced game of the week. Clocking in at an average ticket price of $377 this game is over $150 more than the highest priced game last week but you can still find Chicago Blackhawks tickets going for half of that at just $140.

2) 3/11 Washington Capitals @ Pittsburgh Penguins Avg $353 / Get-in $80 / Up 45%

On Tuesday night the Washington Capitals and Alexander Ovechkin travel to the ‘Burgh to play Sidney Crosby and the Penguins. These two players are always in the conversation when talking about how is the best hockey player on the planet and show no signs of that stopping anytime soon with the way they have both been playing. In the past week prices for Penguins tickets for this game have nearly doubled to its current average of $353 with a get-in of $80, up a total of 45% in price.

3) 3/15 Ottawa Senators @ Montreal Canadiens Avg $297 / Get-in $112 / Down 1%

Ottawa and Montreal are separated by just over two hours which has made this matchup all that much more important to fans. As a result when the Senators travel down the road to play the Canadiens it will bring many of its hometown fans with them causing prices for Canadiens tickets to be among the most expensive of the week averaging $297 and has a get-in price of $112.

4) 3/14 Nashville Predators @ Chicago Blackhawks Avg $293 / Get-in $125 / Down 5%

The Chicago Blackhawks are arguably the best team in the NHL right now and as such have frequented our Top 5 NHL Games of the Week a few times. This Friday they host the Nashville Predators in the Windy City where tickets are averaging $293 and have a substantial get-in of $125.One reason this game has seen prices increase to the point that it ranks on our Top 5 games of the week is that it will be Patrick Kane bobblehead night at the United Center on Friday.

5) 3/16 San Jose Sharks @ New York Rangers Avg $279 / Get-in $85 / Up 15%

The San Jose Sharks will play the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden when they travel cross country on Sunday. This inter-conference game has experienced an increase in average ticket prices of 15% to currently be going for $279 while still having a get-in price that is less than one-third of that at just $85.