Top 5 Spring Training Tickets Of The Week (3/24)

With two regular season games already in the books from the Dodgers and Diamondbacks playing in Australia, the rest of the league will be finishing up spring training this week. During the final week of spring training, the majority of still up in the air roster questions reach a final decision. At the end of the week, most teams will be packing up and leaving Florida and Arizona, well except for the Rays, Marlins and Diamondbacks. Before the regular season begins, there are still a few big spring training games left on the schedule.

1) 3/29/14 - Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers | Avg. Price: $148 | Get-in Price: $21

This matchup opened the season last year and will be the last game of the spring this year. Now division rivals, these two teams will play in the Alamodome on both the 28th and 29th for the final exhibition games of the spring. Although fans can see these teams play against each other 19 times during the regular season, the special venue for this game makes Texas Rangers tickets for the Saturday game easily the most expensive spring game of the week.

2) 3/24/14 - San Diego Padres vs Chicago Cubs | Avg. Price: $88 | Get-in Price: $25

Chicago Cubs tickets are some of the most expensive for the regular season and have two of the most expensive games of the final week of spring training. The first of which is when the San Diego Padres come to Mesa on Monday. The price has gone up 43% over the past week, as fans are taking advantage of the last few opportunities to see the team play.

3) 3/27/14 - Chicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubs | Avg. Price: $83 | Get-in Price: $50
Cubs vs White Sox tickets are usually a big draw in Chicago and it apparently is no different in Mesa. While the average price is below the Padres game, the get-in price to see the Cubs and White Sox is twice the price. This will also be the Cubs’ last game at Cubs Park for the spring.

4) 3/28/14 - Tampa Bay Rays vs Detroit Tigers | Avg. Price: $68 | Get-in Price: $44

The Tigers and Rays could be playing later in the playoffs, but they will be closing the spring against each other on Friday. Tampa Bay Rays tickets while visiting the Tigers in Lakeland have gone up 5% in the past week. The average price drops off a bit from the two Cubs games, but still remain above average relative to other spring training games. The Tigers will be heading back to Detroit after this game to prepare for their season opener on March 31.

5) 3/28/14 - Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota Twins | Avg. Price: $68 | Get-in Price: $32

Minnesota Twins tickets for their spring finale against the Boston Red Sox are almost the same price as Twins Opening Day tickets on April 7 against the Oakland A’s and are above Minnesota’s home season average. Even as the price against the defending World Series champions has dropped 25% as the game nears, it still remains one of the most expensive games of the week.

For fans still wanting to see baseball in the sunshine, this week will be the last to see baseball at the spring training locations. Many fans will likely be ok with losing spring games as the regular season will be starting over the weekend.

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