An Early Look At NHL Playoff Ticket Prices By Team

April 10, 2014

The NHL playoffs are just around the corner beginning April 16th as 16 teams will begin their road to punching their Stanley Cup Finals tickets. There are still three remaining playoff spots that need to be filled, two in the Eastern Conference as the Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets are still fighting for the 7th seed while the New Jersey Devils and Washington Capitals still have not been eliminated from playoff contention. One playoff spot remains in the Western Conference as the Dallas Stars and Phoenix Coyotes continue to duke it out for final playoff seed in the West.

The average premium for a playoff ticket above the regular season ticket average around the NHL for potential playoff bound teams is 109%. The St. Louis Blues are the best team in the Western Conference, at least record wise. With the Anaheim Ducks and Colorado Avalanche right on their heels for the No. 1 seed in the West. Blues tickets are a little above the league average during the course of the season. However, come playoff time premium tickets will go up 157% the highest jump in the NHL.

The Phoenix Coyotes who are not yet eliminated from playoff contention, but holding on by a thread have Regular Season tickets priced at below the league average. If the Coyotes make it to the postseason however, their Premium tickets will rise dramatically at a 151% increase. Phoenix Coyotes playoff tickets for their first round matchup will average at $141.

New York Rangers tickets in the regular season are some of the most expensive in the NHL. Once the postseason starts, they will hold the title of the most expensive ticket in the NHL of an average premium ticket of $437 a rise of 142%.

The team who has the most expensive regular season average ticket is the Chicago Blackhawks at $234. The Blackhawks premium tickets will still see a significant increase of 73% and a first round average ticket on the Blackhawks playoff schedule is currently $407.

After a long season, the NHL season is coming to a close. Plenty of questions will be answered as the NHL gets deeper into the playoffs. Do the Chicago Blackhawks have the hunger to repeat? Have much have the Boston Bruins been thinking about redemption all year after a devastating loss to the Blackhawks in the 2013 Stanley Cup final? Can teams like the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings make another playoff run? It might be expensive to see these questions get answered live, but it should be well worth the price.

Below is a list of each team and their playoff ticket prices, quantity, and playoff premium:

Team Rd 1 AVG Rd 1 Quantity Season AVG Premium
St. Louis Blues Playoff Tickets $183.31 13139 $71.24 157.31%
Tampa Bay Lightning Playoff Tickets $171.64 3287 $67.19 155.45%
Phoenix Coyotes Playoff Tickets $141.42 3829 56.15 151.86%
New York Rangers Playoff Tickets $437.26 4994 $179.96 142.98%
Philadelphia Flyers Playoff Tickets $198.65 4131 $86.39 129.95%
Los Angeles Kings Playoff Tickets $221.45 21160 $96.57 129.32%
Boston Bruins Playoff Tickets $371.08 9934 $164.38 125.75%
Washington Capitals Playoff Tickets $203.48 2658 $90.75 124.22%
Columbus Blue Jackets Playoff Tickets $173.78 2832 $78.33 121.86%
Detroit Red Wings Playoff Tickets $182.11 9457 $82.53 120.66%
Colorado Avalanche Playoff Tickets $157.45 5471 $71.77 119.38%
Anaheim Ducks Playoff Tickets $165.64 8915 $80.39 106.05%
Chicago Blackhawks Playoff Tickets $407.84 5229 $234.46 73.95%
Minnesota Wild Playoff Tickets $176.21 2230 $102.21 72.40%
Dallas Stars Playoff Tickets $162.81 3812 $95.41 70.64%
Montreal Canadiens Playoff Tickets $320.60 420 $202.19 58.56%
San Jose Sharks Playoff Tickets $156.22 7767 $98.74 58.21%
Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff Tickets $239.46 3302 $164.01 46.00%