An Early Look At Prices Of NBA Playoff Tickets By Team

With the regular season NBA schedule coming to a close next week, several NBA teams look for one more push to solidify a spot in the playoffs. Beginning April 20, some of the best players in the league will go head-to-head for a chance at NBA greatness. LeBron James and the Heat will defend their back-to-back titles and hope to three-peat as younger, lesser-known teams like the Charlotte Bobcats look to make a statement in their first playoff appearance since the 2009-10 season. This year’s postseason will host an array of younger teams, including the Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards, to name a few. Each team will carry promise and passion into the playoffs and ticket prices will soar in selected cities beginning April 20. The average premium of NBA playoff tickets is 105.77%, meaning that average ticket prices in various arenas will more than double when the playoffs begin next week.

The Atlanta Hawks, who are in the midst of battling the New York Knicks for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, will have a playoff premium of 227.33% as average first round Atlanta Hawks ticket prices will be $350.18, assuming they make the playoffs.  Supported by Al Horford and sharp-shooter Kyle Corver, look for the Hawks to make the race for eighth exciting and worth-watching.

The Toronto Raptors follow the Hawks with the second highest average playoff premium at 183.29%. The Raptors have had an impressive season at the hands of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, winning 45 games for the first time since ’06-07 season. An average first round Toronto Raptors playoff tickets have an average price of $306.55, almost $200 more than the regular season average ticket price of $108.21.

Ending a somewhat dismal season after going 54-28 last season, the New York Knicks find themselves battling the Hawks for the final seed in the East. Ever at the mercy of the recently-streaky Carmelo Anthony and the always-unpredictable J.R. Smith, the Knicks’ playoff hopes are slim, however, they weigh in as the third highest playoff premium in the league at 149.09%. Assuming they make the playoffs, first round average Knicks playoff tickets have an average price of $589.93, well over $200 more than the regular season average of $236.88.

James and the Heat will make their way back to the playoffs for the sixth consecutive time this year. Due to their reputation for winning, fans make sure to support their team at home as the Miami Heat playoff premium increases only 11.73%. The least affected team by ticket price change, average first round Miami Heat playoff tickets are $260.82, less than a $30 increase from their regular season average of $233.43. Round one could be less important to the Heat than any other team in the NBA, as they could be looking ahead to showing up on the Bulls or Pacers playoff schedule later in the postseason.

Ticket prices certainly experience an increase come playoff season and this year is no exception.  Fans should be sure to break open the piggy bank and collect some extra cash to watch their favorite team’s pursuit of the Larry O’Brien Championship trophy.

Below is a look at all teams playoff ticket prices, quantity, and premium:

Team Rd 1 AVG Rd 1 Quantity Season AVG Premium
Atlanta Hawks Playoff Tickets $350.18 274 $106.98 227.33%
Toronto Raptors Playoff Tickets $306.55 2063 $108.21 183.29%
New York Knicks Playoff Tickets $589.93 2120 $236.88 149.04%
Golden State Warriors Playoff Tickets $273.22 9264 $113.42 140.89%
Charlotte Bobcats Playoff Tickets $260.63 3986 $113.57 129.49%
San Antonio Spurs Playoff Tickets $174.33 10363 $76.09 129.11%
Washington Wizards Playoff Tickets $147.83 4283 $65.54 125.56%
Dallas Mavericks Playoff Tickets $181.44 1335 $80.85 124.42%
Memphis Grizzlies Playoff Tickets $127.98 1460 $62.10 106.09%
Houston Rockets Playoff Tickets $237.54 3009 $118.56 100.35%
Los Angeles Clippers Playoff Tickets $253.96 8633 $127.90 98.56%
Brooklyn Nets Playoff Tickets $257.44 14220 $139.99 83.90%
Indiana Pacers Playoff Tickets $134.13 3337 $76.15 76.14%
Chicago Bulls Playoff Tickets $198.58 3711 $142.08 39.77%
Oklahoma City Thunder Playoff Tickets $276.35 1208 $202.23 36.65%
Portland Trail Blazers Playoff Tickets $189.59 939 $139.72 35.69%
Miami Heat Playoff Tickets $260.82 7744 $233.43 11.73%
Phoenix Suns Playoff Tickets N/A N/A $134.16 N/A

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