Forbes: Clippers Playoff Tickets At Staples Center Up 10% After Avoiding 0-2 Deficit

Today on Forbes, we look into prices for Clippers playoff tickets and how they've gone up after the Clips won yesterday and avoided an 0-2 deficit in their series with the Golden State Warriors.

In the NBA playoffs, teams that go down 0-2 have a very low chance of overcoming. In the history of the seven-game playoff format, in fact, it’s only happened 15 times. Two teams were on the brink of falling into that 0-2 hole last night, with the added hurdle of losing both of the first two games at home. After a close game-one loss in the NBA Playoffs, Clippers fans were left were left to wonder if their time was in fact now.  After last night’s convincing win against the Warriors at the Staples Center, however, Clippers fans are feeling much better about their prospects for advancing in the NBA playoffs.  With their 138-98 blowout win at the Staples Center, fans are feeling good again, and prices for the rest of the Clippers series at home are up 10% since the end of play last night....

....Despite those price increases, the Warriors still have a more expensive average price for their tickets at Oracle Arena. The other team also facing a 0-2 deficit was the Thunder, the team that many pick to advance in the all the way in the Western conference.  OKC Thunder tickets for games five and seven are up 8%, with at least one of those game assured of happening. Below is an info-graphic with the current average price for each team in the NBA Playoffs.

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