Forbes: After Falling Behind 0-2, Blackhawks Playoff Tickets Have Lowest Premium in NHL

Prices for NHL playoff tickets fluctuate greatly. If a team wins a game or two, those prices generally rise, if they lose, they opposite is true. Earlier this week, we broke down Blackhawks playoff tickets and how their playoff prices have dropped. In fact, their playoff premium is now the lowest in the NHL. Here's more from Forbes:

Last season, the Blackhawks overcame a two-game deficit to defeat the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup for the 2nd time in three years. If they’re going to repeat, they’ll have to do it again, this time against the St. Louis Blues. Last season, the Blackhawks were the number one seed in the West and had to overcome a scrappy 7th seed in the Wings. This year, however, is a different story, and if they’re going to advance to the next round of the NHL playoffs, they’ll have to it against the Blues, the team that Las Vegas is favoring to reach the Stanley Cup in the Western Conference. The Blues are also arguably the Blackhawks fiercest rival. The two teams once played a game in which a total of 278 penalty minutes were handed out. In that game, which took place on St. Patricks day, 1991, the cumulative penalty minutes outlasted the duration of a regulation hockey game. When you add the rivalry to the Blues 111-point total from this year, a comeback in 2014 is going to be a much harder task. As a result of that uphill climb, the average price of Blackhawks playoff tickets are down 17.59% over the last two days. That’s the biggest decline of any team in the playoffs, with the exception of the Penguins, who have seen their ticket prices fall 25% after barely escaping their first two games at Consol Energy Center with a win.

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Chicago Blackhawks v St. Louis Blues - Game Two

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