Forbes: Warriors NBA Playoffs Tickets Rise To Tops In Basketball

April 20, 2014

After the Golden State Warriors took game 1 of their NBA playoffs series against the Clippers, prices for Warriors tickets began to rise. We broke down that rise in price over on Forbes this weekend:

With their dramatic game-one road win against the Clippers, the Warriors have the upper-hand in the battle for California basketball.  If they can advance, it will be the only the third time in the last twenty years that they’ve won a playoff series.  The Clippers have had a similar track-record of futility, having only won only two series in the NBA playoffs themselves during that timeframe.  For decades, both teams have looked up at the Lakers and watched as the purple and gold won five championships and consistently had the most expensive tickets in the NBA.   After their game one win against the Clippers, Warriors tickets are up 32% for the next two games at Oracle Arena and they now have the second most expensive tickets of any team in round one of the NBA playoffs, behind only the Raptors.  Based on TicketIQ’s data, the average secondary-market price for the next three games at Oracle Arena is $343, which compares to $401 for the next three games at Air Canada Center for the Raptors.  If you exclude a potential game seven at Air Canada Center, however, the average price for Raptors playoff tickets drops $342, making Warriors playoff tickets the most expensive in the NBA.

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