Forbes: Wizards Playoff Tickets Up 88% In Past Week, Now Have Highest Playoff Premium in NBA

With the Wizards taking care of business in Chicago this week, we wanted take a look at price trends for their NBA playoff tickets at home. Unsurprisingly, Wizards tickets are way up over the last seven days and they now have the highest premium in the NBA. Here's more from Forbes:

Only one road team in the NBA Playoffs was able return home with a 2-0 series lead for Game 3, the Washington Wizards. The Portland Trail Blazers have a chance to match that feat against the Houston Rockets, though Basketball-Reference gives the Rockets a 62% chance of winning Game 2 in Houston. As the No. 5 seed in the Eastern Conference, Washington had to play the first two games of their series at the United Center against the Chicago Bulls. After outscoring the Bulls an average 101.5-96 for the first two games, the Wizards will return home to the Verizon Center with skyrocketing secondary market prices.


Wizards playoff tickets have increased 88% in price on the secondary market over the past week and are up 108.1% since the end of the regular season. In just the past three days there has been a significant shift for the prices at the Verizon Center. Before the start of Game 1 on April 20, the average price for Washington home games in the first round was $236.42. The morning after Game 2, prices are now up 24.2% to $293.65.

Wizards tickets will likely continue to climb for game four, regardless of the outcome of game 3. It will either be a potential series clincher or a game that could drastically shift the momentum of the series. To read more on the recent jump in Wizards ticket prices, click here.

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