Despite Dropping Prices, One Direction's Where We Are Tour Set To Make History

(UPDATE) As you can see from the original post below, One Direction's 'Where We Are' tour looked like it was going to be one of the most successful in recent memory. But while over one million fans will use One Direction tickets to witness what will certainly be the bands biggest tour ever from August 4th to October 5th, ticket prices are dropping rapidly. It seems stadium-level demand on the secondary market is not holding up as well as expected.

Regardless of what’s happening on the secondary market, almost all the shows are sold out through the primary market, meaning that the tour will generate over a quarter of a billion dollars in sales just from tickets. This tour includes stops at venues as big as Soldier Field, Lincoln Financial Field and even the two shows at the grandaddy of the modern stadium, the Rose Bowl.

'Where We Are' is unquestionably One Direction’s crowning achievement, and with over $5 million in gross sales per show, it will have generated the second highest per-show gross ever.  Overall, the tour will gross over $300 million, which will likely make it the eighth highest grossing tour ever– right between the Rolling Stones and the Police, two bands that have been plying their trade for close to 80 collective years.

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The boys of One Direction are about to begin their Where We Are World Tour in a few days. This could be one of the biggest concert tours ever as it will hit three continents with 68 shows over a seven month span. Since coming together on the UK’s The X Factor in 2011 One Direction has absolutely exploded into one of, if not the biggest band in all the world with sold out shows a daily occurrence on their past tours.

In fact the boys of 1D have become so successful and have such a passionate and faithful fanbase that according to Forbes One Direction’s upcoming Where We Are World Tour could go down as the top grossing tour of all time. They were able to come to this conclusion by going off of data collected from their previous tours such as the Up All Night Tour and Take Me Home Tour which implies that this tour could gross over $300 million in ticket sales alone, assuming an average attendance of 55,000 and One Direction ticket price of $88 for the tour. This type of revenue would put One Direction in the Top 10 for all time grossing tours despite having half the amount of shows of nearly every other tour on the list (Madonna’s 2008-2009 Sticky & Sweet Tour being the only other one with less than 100 shows).

One Direction will officially kick off the Where We Are Tour on April 25th in Bogota, Columbia at Estadio El Campin to begin the South American Leg of the tour. From there they will travel around South America for the next month before heading back to their native UK to begin the second leg of their tour which will run through July.

Moreover, One Direction won’t make it to the North American part of the tour until August 1st when they play at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. 1D’s tour will stop by some of the biggest and venues in North America such as MetLife Stadium (8/4-5), Gillette Stadium (8/7-9), AT&T Stadium (8/24), Soldier Field (8/29-30), the Rose Bowl (9/11-13) and the Mercedes-Benz Superdome (9/25) before finally wrapping up the tour at Sun Life Stadium in Miami on October 5th. There are still literally thousands of One Direction tickets still out there but as time presses forward the numbers will start to dwindle down until they sell out so if you are a Directioner and want to see them live there is no better time to get One Direction tickets than today.

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