Top 5 MLB Tickets Of The Week (4/14)

The MLB season is now a couple weeks old, and the weather is starting to get nice out. The top five prices for this week have almost all climbed, highlighted at the top by three AL East teams. The Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees have been three of the best teams in the league over the last several years, and are home to two of the biggest markets.

4/19/14 Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Sox | Avg. Price: $158.39 | Get-in Price: $48

The Red Sox and Orioles are at the bottom of the AL East, but no team has separated themselves yet. The Yankees lead the division despite being -5 in run differential. The Red Sox took two of three in Baltimore the last time these two teams met, but are currently in the AL East basement after losing three of four to the Yankees. Red Sox tickets are up 15 percent for this game.

4/20/14 New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays | Avg. Price: $138.29 | Get-in Price: $31

As always when the Yankees visit prices seem to climb. But Tampa Bay Rays tickets are only up two percent after hosting the Texas Rangers last week. The two teams are on top of the AL East, and are dealing with several injuries. The Rays have seen the bulk of injuries in their rotation, while the Yanks have been dealing with them in their lineup.

4/15/14 Chicago Cubs vs New York Yankees | Avg. Price: $98.04 | Get-in Price: $6

The Cubs are looking at another tough year, and have already sunk to the bottom of the NL Central. While Yankees tickets at Yankee Stadium are on average the most expensive in the league, they haven’t been that high to start the season. Even with a 29 percent increase, the average price this game is still under $100 and the get-in price is below $10.

4/20/14 Seattle Mariners vs Miami Marlins | Avg. Price: $90.61 | Get-in Price: $27

The Marlins have been one of the more expensive tickets in the league, and have also been one of its biggest surprises. But that good start has faded quickly as they’ve now lost eight straight. That certainly explains why Miami Marlins tickets are down nine percent for this game.

4/17/14 Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants | Avg. Price: $82.22 | Get-in Price: $19

Two NL West rivals, and possibly the two best teams in the NL. The two teams are on top of the division right now, and have shown both impressive rotations and lineups. San Francisco Giants tickets are up 22 percent this showdown. The two teams met a week ago in LA and the Giants took two of three.

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