Top 5 MLB Tickets Of The Week (4/28)

This week the most popular games are on the weekend. The top three most expensive games are on Saturday, with the final two being Sunday games. Four of the five series feature east coast teams, with Boston, New York, Miami and Philadelphia all making the list. The fifth game features the Chicago Cubs despite their poor start to the season. They’ll be playing division rival St. Louis, which could explain the excitement.

5/3 Oakland Athletics vs. Boston Red Sox | Avg. Price: $135.96 | Get-in Price: $45

The Oakland Athletics have been the top team in the American League with a 17-10 record and a plus-48 in run differential. While Red Sox tickets are always a big seller in Boston, even though they’re still below the .500 mark. There’s been no change in price for this series, which tops the list with an average price of $135.96. The get-in price is also the most expensive you’ll find on this list at $45.

5/3 St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs | Avg. Price: $123.50 | Get-in Price: $25

It’s been over a century since the Cubs have won the World Series, and this season they have yet to win a series. That hasn’t stopped the team from having some of the more expensive home games in the league. Tickets for these games on the Cubs schedule have risen a modest 1 percent for this game giving it an average price of $123.50. They’ll be playing a St. Louis Cardinals team that has yet to distinguish itself this season. They’re offense hasn’t been as effective with their average with runners in scoring position noticeably lower. The get-in price is $25 for the game.

5/3 Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees | Avg. Price: $101.26 | Get-in Price: $15

New York Yankees tickets are already expensive, but add in a talented division rival and Cap Day, and it’s no wonder tickets are near the top of this list. Fans going to this game will receive a free Yankees cap at the entrance, for a game that is averaging $101.26 after an 11 percent price drop. A slew of early season pitching injuries has led to a slow start for the Tampa Bay Rays, but they’re still considered one of the main threats to the Yankees in the AL East. Tickets for these games on the Yankees schedule have a get-in price of $15.

5/4 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Miami Marlins | Avg. Price: $97.99 | Get-in Price: $20

After a hot start the Marlins have been one of the worst teams in the league, but they also might have one of the biggest draws. Jose Fernandez, their young pitching phenom, is taking the mound for this game and he’s had a dominant start to the season. Marlins tickets are averaging $97.99 after tickets have dropped 14 percent. Miami fans are hoping they’ll get a chance to see Fernandez build on his legacy and mow down a potent Los Angeles Dodgers lineup. The get-in price is $20 for the Sunday affair.

5/4 Washington Nationals vs. Philadelphia Phillies | Avg. Price $87.28 | Get-in Price: $20

This Sunday matinee features a great pitching matchup with Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez facing the Phillies’ Cole Hamels. Tickets for these games on the Phillies schedule have seen the biggest upward trend of any game on this list with an increase of 9 percent. The average is $87.28 with a get-in price of $20. The two rivals are closer in the standings than people might’ve thought, but the Phillies have faired worse at home than they have on the road.

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