Top 5 NHL Playoff Tickets Of The Week (4/14)

April 16, 2014

The Stanley Cup Playoffs start this week and it’s not shocking to see Madison Square Garden home to the most expensive tickets. Both New York games top the list with average prices over $300 for each game. All five games on the list this week are Eastern Conference teams. It’s fitting since four of the top five most expensive postseason tickets are Eastern Conference teams.

4/20/14 Philadelphia Flyers vs New York Rangers Game 2 | Avg. Price: $394.62 | Get-in Price: $138

The Rangers and Flyers are set up for one of the most exciting first round matchups. NY Rangers playoff tickets are down 29 percent for the game, but are still the most expensive ticket for the week. As great as the matchup is, New York City and Madison Square Garden have a lot to do with that. The only ticket that comes close to the Rangers postseason ticket is the Blackhawks, and they’re starting the series on the road.

4/17/14 Philadelphia Flyers vs New York Rangers Game 1 | Avg. Price: $335.35 | Get-in Price: $138

The first game of the series is the cheapest ticket of the series, but is still over $60 more expensive than the next closest game. This series has the potential to go seven and fans may be saving their money for a more high-stakes game, but if you want Rangers tickets this is probably going to be the most affordable this postseason.

4/20/14 Montreal Canadian vs Tampa Bay Lightning Game 3 | Avg. Price: $263.34 | Get-in Price: $83

Lightning playoff tickets have shot up in the postseason. They’ve had the largest climb of any team with a 252 percent increase over their regular season prices. But the price is still higher for the first game in Montreal. The two teams were separated by a single point during the regular season, and had the second and third best records in the Eastern Conference.

4/18/14 Detroit Red Wings vs Boston Bruins Game 1 | Avg. Price: $248.81 | Get-in Price: $90

Bruins playoff tickets at TD Garden are some of the most expensive in the league, and this is a great original six matchup. The Bruins have been the best team in the NHL while the Red Wings have been one of the most consistent teams in NHL history. The Bruins lead the league with 117 points, and are an astounding +84. The next closest team is Anaheim at +57. On the other hand the Red Wings are entering the playoffs for the 23rd straight season, and have pulled upsets in the past. Just last season they almost knocked off the eventual champion Blackhawks.

4/19/14 Columbus Blue Jackets vs Pittsburgh Penguins Game 2 | Avg. Price $188.85 | Get-in Price: 79

The Penguins have the fifth-most expensive playoff ticket on average, and have the fifth most expensive ticket this week. Like the Rangers, Pittsburgh makes this list even though Penguins tickets are down 20 percent for this game. The Blue Jackets made the playoffs for the first time since the 2008-09 season, while the Penguins are the most likely competitor to the Bruins for the Eastern Conference crown.