Top 5 NHL Playoff Tickets Of The Week (4/28)

April 28, 2014

The NHL playoffs have once again featured exciting first-round series with seemingly an overtime game every night. While several series have already wrapped up there are still a few yet to be played out. While a game seven is usually thought of as the most exciting in a series, the top three games of the week are second round series, beating out two potential game sevens.

Chicago Blackhawks Second Round Game 1 | Avg. Price: $740.61 | Get-in Price: $156

After winning the Stanley Cup last season, the Blackhawks finished third in the Central Division and started the series on the road against the St. Louis Blues. The Chicago Blackhawks were down 2-0 in the series early, dropping both games in overtime. The Blackhawks went on to win the next four games, and are now waiting to play the winner of the Minnesota Wild vs. Colorado Avalanche series, which the Avalanche currently lead 3-2 with game six in Minnesota. Blackhawks playoff tickets have been the most expensive in the postseason and that’s not changing in round two with an average price over $200 more than the second game on this list, at $740.61. That’s after prices have dropped 18 percent.

Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens Second Round Game 4 | Avg. Price: $499.79 | Get-in Price: $188

An original six matchup, both teams won their series pretty defiantly. The Montreal Canadiens swept the Tampa Bay Lightning despite being the lower seed, and the Boston Bruins won four consecutive games against the Detroit Red Wings after losing the first game. Canadiens playoff tickets only trailed the Blackhawks in terms of regular season ticket average, and even down 36 percent the price still ranks second on the list.

Montreal Canadiens at Boston Bruins Second Round Game 2 | Avg. Price: $464.68 | Get-in Price: $150

Bruins ticket prices haven’t changed at all for this game. Even though it’ll only be the second game of the series, it beats out the next two games on this list that are both game sevens with an average price of $464.58 and a get-in price of $150. While the Bruins were able to beat the Red Wings in five games, each game was close, and the Canadiens will offer more of a challenge. After making the Stanley Cup Finals last season, fans will be disappointed with anything less than a return trip.

Philadelphia Flyers at New York Rangers First Round Game 7 | Avg. Price: $420.90 | Get-in Price: $175

It’s been a while since the New York Rangers won a playoff series in less than seven games. Despite outplaying the Philadelphia Flyers in many categories, the Rangers only have a 3-2 series lead. New York Rangers playoff tickets are down 19 percent for the game for an average of $420.90, and most New York fans probably hope the series doesn’t get this far.

Columbus Blue Jackets at Pittsburgh Penguins First Round Game 7 | Avg. Price: $253.47 | Get-in Price: $97

Another postseason, another disappointing performance by the Pittsburgh Penguins. The team has been one of the most talented in the league for years, but somehow seem to always struggle in the postseason. They still lead the series 3-2 over the Columbus Blue Jackets, but it was supposed to be easier than that. The Blue Jackets had never won a postseason game before this series, and were one of the last teams to make the postseason. Penguins playoff tickets reflect the disappointment with prices down 33 percent for the game for an average of $253.47 and a get-in of $97. Both those numbers are easily the lowest on this list.