Week Ahead At Barclays (4/21)

Like last week, there will be no New York City Concert tickets this week with the only two Brooklyn Nets playoff games at Barclays Center. Prices have climbed for this series after the Nets took the first game of the series against the Toronto Raptors up in Toronto over the weekend.

4/25 Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets Game 3 | Avg. Price: $227.46 | Get-in Price: $51

Last season the Nets grabbed the four seed and were the home team for the series. This year, a bad start gave the Raptors enough of a lead to take the division, but after taking game one, home court is back in the Nets favor. Brooklyn fans will look to give the team an edge and keep the advantage. Fans are eagerly anticipating the Nets first playoff game at home of the series, and Nets tickets have risen 37 percent for the game. The average price is $227.46 with a get-in price of $51.

4/27 Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets Game 4 | Avg. Price: $296.92 | Get-in Price: $52

Prices rise even higher for game four of this series. With the slight possibility of this being an elimination game, Nets tickets are up 69 percent for the game for an average price of $296.92 and a get-in price of $52.

Basketball season is over at Madison Square Garden, but the arena will host a Rangers playoff game on Sunday afternoon, as well as a Disney Junior Live event and Zucchero on Wednesday. We’ll have a breakdown of Madison Square Garden concert tickets later today.

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