If LA Doesn’t Win, We’ll Buy You Tickets!

May 20, 2014

In sports, there's really no way to guarantee a win – unless you happen to be a crooked ref or a big-time mafia don. Next week, though, ScoreBig is changing all that. They're turning LA into a giant winner's circle with a crazy promotion that actually guarantees that every single Los Angeles sports team will come away with a W. If you buy tickets to a game through ScoreBig and your beloved Dodgers/Angels/Galaxy/Chivas/KISS lose, you'll get a credit for your entire ticket price (up to a hundred bucks) so you can go back to a different game for another chance at glory. No walk of shame, no drowning your sorrows in beer, no shouting swear words to the Sports Gods. Instead, there's just pure victory for one week only. From May 24th to May 31st, there will be no agony of defeat in the City of Angels because even if your team doesn't triumph over the competition, you're still coming home a winner.

Think about how awesome that is. If you buy tickets during ScoreBig's Guaranteed Win Week, you literally have nothing to lose. When Pujols steps up to the plate against Kansas City, you won't have to worry about swinging that Rally Monkey like your life depends on it. If the Dodgers' Kenley Jansen somehow blows a save against the lowly Pirates, you get to drive off with a smile on your face and cartoon dollar signs in your eyes. The Galaxy can fall to the Union, Chivas USA can fail in their quest to chop down the Timber (and that includes a draw), and the LA KISS could fatally punt against the Rattlers. It doesn't matter because you'll still feel like a million bucks – or at least your original ticket price up to $100.

Sound good? It gets better. Entering couldn't be easier. All you have to do is go to ScoreBig.com and buy tickets to any home game for the week of 5/24 - 5/31. Enter the code WINWEEK at checkout and you're automatically registered for a Guaranteed Win. It doesn't matter which team you choose: Dodgers, Angels, Chivas USA, Galaxy, or KISS – no matter what, you'll be guaranteed a live in-person victory or that ticket money is going right back into your ScoreBig account so you can go see another game. There aren't a lot of guarantees in sports, so the choice is simple: you can either join the mafia and hope for the best or sign up for ScoreBig's Guaranteed Win Week and get ready to taste victory – even if your team loses.