Top 5 Broadway Tickets Of The Week

May 12, 2014

After a week hiatus Cinderella has returned to the top five, one of two shows with an average price that tops $500. Meanwhile, Hedwig & The Angry Inch saw it’s first major drop, even though it’s only down four percent now that it’s been open for a few weeks. Overall, prices are up this week across the board, and those numbers are reflected in both the average price and get-in price.

5/16 Kinky Boots | Avg. Price: $594.36 | Get-in Price: $123

Kinky Boots has been a mainstay on this list, and skyrocketed up to the top spot this week. The 37 percent price increase is second on this list, but just barely. The average price is close to $600 for Kinky Boots tickets, even though the get-in price is the second lowest on this list.

5/14 Cinderella | Avg. Price: $507.86 | Get-in Price: $220

Cinderella is another show that’s been a mainstay on this list, but was absent last week. A 14 percent upwards trend changed that with a new average price of Cinderella tickets at $507.86, a number that would’ve also ranked second on last week’s list.

5/18 Hedwig & The Angry Inch | Avg. Price: $454.86 | Get-in Price: $305

Hedwig & The Angry Inch had seen prices climb the last couple weeks, but a four percent drop lowers average ticket prices back below the $500 mark. With a get-in price of $305 Hedwig & The Angry Inch tickets are easily the most expensive on this list, but that’s still a big drop from last week’s get-in price of $434.

5/17 Motown The Musical | Avg. Price: $443.11 | Get-in Price: $115

Motown has seen a 16 percent upward trend in ticket prices, but has actually fallen to the fourth spot from the third last week. Motown tickets have the lowest get-in price of the week at $115.

5/15 First Date | Avg. Price: $382.76 | Get-in Price: $221

The comedy starring Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez saw the biggest upwards trend of the week at 38 percent. While the get-in price of $221 is the second most expensive on this list, First Dates tickets are the only one on this list to average less than $400.