Top 5 Broadway Tickets Of The Week (5/27)

May 27, 2014

The final week in the month of May features a show that hasn’t made the top five list often. A Raisin in the Sun comes in second this week after seeing the largest increase in ticket price over the course of the week. Cinderella returns after falling off for a week again, and is the most expensive ticket of the week, while Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Motown and Kinky Boots finish off the list. All show prices have been trending upwards this week, and no show has an average price below $400. Here is the list of the top 5 Broadway tickets of the week:

5/28 - Cinderella | Avg. Price: $527.61 | Get-in Price: $230

Cinderella tops the list, with the only show averaging over $500 for the week. Cinderella tickets are up 13 percent for the week, which is actually just middle of the pack for this list. While the get-in price of $230 is high, it’s another figure that lands in the middle for the five top shows.

5/30 - A Raisin in the Sun | Avg. Price: $450.08 | Get-in Price: $232

The classic show doesn’t make the top five very often, but after a 47 percent increase in price, the show lands second on the list. A Raisin in the Sun tickets are averaging $450.08 and has a get-in price of $232.

6/1 - Hedwig and the Angry Inch | Avg. Price: $440.23 | Get-in Price: $356

Hedwig and the Angry Inch has been one of the top selling shows on Broadway. The show has seen prices rise just 12 percent over the course of the week for an average of $440.23. But Hedwig and the Angry Inch tickets have a get-in price of $356, easily the highest of the week and the only show to top $300.

5/28 - Motown The Musical | Avg. Price: $435.16 | Get-in Price: $133

Motown has easily seen the lowest trend of the week, with prices only rising one percent. Still, that $435.16 average price is good for fourth on this list. Motown The Musical tickets have a get-in price of $133, and that is easily the cheapest of the five shows, and one of only two that drop below $200.

5/28 - Kinky Boots | Avg. Price: $415.67 | Get-in Price: $161

Kinky Boots has been a fixture on this list, and with a 40 percent ticket increase, manages to snag the final spot on the list. That 40 percent is second on the list, just trailing the 47 percent increase saw by A Raisin in the Sun. Kinky Boots tickets are averaging $415.67 and have a get-in price of $161.