Top 5 NHL Playoff Tickets Of The Week (5/19)

May 19, 2014

There are only four teams left in the NHL Playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings. The Canadiens, Rangers and Blackhawks have had the most expensive tickets on the secondary market this postseason, so expect NHL Playoff tickets to be expensive this round. And with one of the Canadiens or Rangers guaranteed a Stanley Cup Finals berth, don’t expect lower prices for Stanley Cup Finals tickets.

5/19 New York Rangers vs. Montreal Canadiens Game 2 | Avg. Price: $855.75 | Get-in Price: $127

Not surprisingly the Rangers and Canadiens occupy the top three spots on this list. The two are in arguably the two biggest hockey markets in the NHL, with a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals on the line, it’s no wonder prices have soared. Game 2 in Montreal easily has the highest average price with Canadiens tickets at $855.75. That’s with an upward trend of 18 percent even though the Canadiens lost 7-2 in the first game. There are some cheaper tickets available, as the game has the lowest get-in price of the week at $127.

5/22 Montreal Canadiens vs. New York Rangers Game 3 | Avg. Price: $611.66 | Get-in Price: $265

The Rangers are hoping to avoid a repeat of the last round when they lost both Games Three and Four at home to the Pittsburgh Penguins to fall in a 3-1 series hole. Fans seem to be expecting better luck at the garden as, even with a 13 percent decrease in price for the game, New York Rangers tickets are averaging $611.66. It’s the last game on this list to average over $600, and has the highest get-in price on the list at $265.

5/25 Montreal Canadiens vs. New York Rangers Game 4 | Avg. Price: $590.08 | Get-in Price: $242

Prices don’t drop much for Sunday’s Game Four between these two teams at Madison Square Garden. The price has dropped just seven percent for an average of $590.08. The next highest game on the list doesn’t even top $500 for average price. The get-in price of $242 is the second and last game on the list with a get-in price over $200.

5/24 Chicago Blackhawks vs. Los Angeles Kings Game 3 | Avg. Price: $455.76 | Get-in Price: $177

The Blackhawks and Kings have arguably been the best two teams in the NHL over the last few seasons. They are the last two teams to win the Stanley Cup, with the Blackhawks the reigning champion, and the Kings winning the season before. While the two teams were three seeds this year, it’s the second straight postseason the two teams have met in the Western Conference Finals. Last season the Blackhawks won the series 4-1, and have started out in similar fashion taking Game One 3-1. That loss led to a downward trend of 17 percent for Game Three, but Los Angeles Kings tickets are still averaging $455.76 for the Saturday night game at the Staples Center. The get-in price is $177, which trails only the two games at MSG on this list.

5/21 Los Angeles Kings vs. Chicago Blackhawks Game 2 | Avg. Price: $437.87 | Get-in Price: $163

The biggest upset of the week might be the Blackhawks having the cheapest ticket average for the week. Chicago Blackhawks tickets are usually one of the most expensive, and after a Stanley Cup championship and a 1-0 series lead in the Western Conference Finals, the price should go up. But the average price has actually seen a 15 percent decrease for an average price of $437.87. The $163 get-in price is also one of the cheapest numbers on the list.