Top 5 NHL Playoff Tickets Of The Week (5/27)

May 27, 2014

The NHL Playoffs are getting awfully close to the Stanley Cup Finals. Currently both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals series are sitting at 3-1. Prices have risen accordingly, with prices reaching their highest level. That’s especially true for the New York Rangers, who top the list with an average price over $1,000. All three home games for the Rangers this series have topped the $1,000 mark. The only other game to top even $700 is a potential Game Seven in Chicago between the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks.

Montreal Canadiens vs. New York Rangers Game 6 | Avg. Price: $1,080.79 | Get-in Price: $392

New York Rangers tickets are the only ones on this list to see an increase. Ticket prices have trended up 51 percent over the course of the week, for an average price of $1,080.79, and the game might not even be necessary. They currently have a 3-1 series lead, with the next game in the series in Montreal. The get-in price of $392 is also the highest on the list, and the only game to top $300 for the week.

Los Angeles Kings vs. Chicago Blackhawks Game 7 | Avg. Price: $705.59 | Get-in Price: $255

The Blackhawks are currently trailing in the series 3-1, and that has led to a nine percent drop in price over the course of the week. Still, prices are high for a potential Game 7 in Chicago with a high average price of $705.59 for Blackhawks tickets. The Get-in price is also high at $255, only one of two games this week with a get-in price over $200.

New York Rangers vs. Montreal Canadiens Game 5 | Avg. Price: $658.13 | Get-in Price: $177

The Montreal Canadiens are in a similar hole to the Blackhawks, down 3-1 to the Rangers. That’s led to a ten percent decrease in ticket price, but Canadiens tickets have been one of the top prices in the game this postseason. That doesn’t change with an average price of $658.13 for what could be the finals game on the postseason for Montreal. The get-in price for the Tuesday night game is $177.

New York Rangers vs. Montreal Canadiens Game 7 | Avg. Price: $614.63 | Get-in Price: $165

There doesn’t seem to be much hope that Montreal will be able to extend this series to a Game Seven. Tickets have dropped 22 percent, and the get-in price of $165 is the lowest on the list. The average price is $614.63, the last game on the list to top $600.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Los Angeles Kings Game 6 | Avg. Price: $399.97 | Get-in Price: $193

There has been no price movement for this Game 6. Los Angeles Kings tickets have held an average price at $499.97, which is easily the lowest of the week. Prices for Kings games have been the lowest of the remaining teams, and it’s not looking like this game will even be played. The Kings have won three straight games in dominant fashion, and could easily finish the series off in Game 5 at Chicago. The get-in price of $193 is the third-highest figure on this list.