Top 5 Broadway Tickets Of The Week (7/21)

Prices on Broadway have increased quite a bit this week. While an average price in the $300 range was ordinary on last week’s list, this week the cheapest show still averaged over $400 a ticket. Prices are also up across the board with four of the five shows seeing a price increase of over 20 percent for the week. This week also marks the return of fan-favorite Hedwig and the Angry Inch who had a rare week off the top five last week.

7/23 Hedwig and the Angry Inch | Avg. Price: $2,152.92 | Get-in Price: $158

It’s been rare to see the Neil Patrick Harris-led show off this list. And when it’s made it, the Tony Award winner has almost always nabbed the top spot. This week is more of the same in that regard, with the average price well above the rest at $2,152.92. The get-in price for Hedwig and the Angry Inch tickets is also the most expensive of the week at $158.

7/23 Kinky Boots | Avg. Price: $537.82 | Get-in Price: $82

While Kinky Boots comes in at second on the list, the show has the cheapest get-in price of the week at $82. It’s the only show with a get-in price below $100. But Kinky Boots tickets are the last show on the list with an average over $500. The show saw a price increase of 27 percent over the course of the week for an average price of $537.82.

7/26 Motown | Avg. Price: $457.50 | Get-in Price: $102

Motown tickets are next on the list with a $457.50 average after prices increased 22 percent over the course of the week. But the get-in price is just a bit more than Kinky Boots at $102.

7/23 Lion King | Avg. Price: $428.68 | Get-in Price: $147

The Lion King has cemented itself as another regular on the top five, despite a long run on Broadway and plenty of showings every week. Their showing on Wednesday has seen a 28 percent increase over the course of the week for a $428.68 average. Lion King tickets have a get-in price of $147.

7/23 Wicked | Avg. Price: $426.71 | Get-in Price: $149

While it pales in comparison to the run Lion King has had, Wicked has been a mainstay on Broadway for quite some time as well. The show is also seeing a bit of a revival, landing on the top five a couple times now. While Wicked tickets are the lowest on the list with a $426.71 average, the show has seen the largest price increase over the course of the week at 35 percent, and has the second highest get-in price at $149.

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