Forbes: Cavaliers Vs. Heat Likely To Be Most Expensive Game On 2014-15 NBA Schedule

The NBA schedule comes out tonight. All NBA fans are looking forward to finally knowing who their team's will be playing and when. However, there are some games on the schedule that have already leaked, including the Christmas Day Cavaliers vs Heat showdown in Miami. It will likely be LeBron's first trip back to Miami and could end up being the most expensive secondary market ticket of the NBA season. We took a look at this game in an article on Forbes earlier today.

When the Cleveland Cavaliers go to American Airlines Arena on Christmas Day, it will be a homecoming of sorts for LeBron James. While it won’t be quite the same as his first game in a Cavs uniform at Quicken Loans Arena, it will be his first game against the Heat since re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers during this offseason. For the last four years, LeBron had a lot to do with making Heat tickets amongst the most expensive in the NBA. Last season, the average price for to see LeBron, Wade and Bosh in their final season as the big three was $276 at the start of the season. Coming off of their second NBA championship, that was the most expensive average price of any of the four seasons that LeBron played for the Heat. It was also the second most expensive average across the league, behind only Knicks tickets at Madison Square Garden. Without LeBron, prices to see the Big Two will be significantly less than last season. While the full NBA schedule doesn’t come out until tonight, we know that LeBron will again be taking his talents to South Beach on Christmas Day. While the game will unquestionably be one of the most hyped of the season, it also had a good chance to be the most expensive game on the 2014-15 NBA schedule.

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