Levi's Stadium Seating Chart & Info

The newest stadium in the NFL is Levi’s Stadium. The new home of the San Francisco 49ers is opening this season, and that has helped propel 49ers tickets to among the most expensive in all of football. Obviously the team’s recent success – they’ve been to the last three NFC Championship games – has helped, but the stadium has put them over the top.

 The old home of the 49ers was Candlestick Park, and while it got plenty of love for all the memorable events there, it was definitely time for an upgrade. The new Levi’s Stadium seating chart has a capacity of close to 69,000 people, with the opportunity to expand to close to 75,000. The Stadium cost about $1.3 billion to produce, and officially opened July 17 after ground originally broke in April of 2012.

The stadium is already schedule to host the Super Bowl 50, which will be played in February of 2016. The stadium will also be the home for the Pac-12 championship, and the annual Fight Hunger Bowl. For non-football events, Levi’s Stadium will be host for a NHL Stadium Series game between the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings on February 21, 2015. And it WrestleMania 31 will be there March 29, 2015.

Two-thirds of the fans fit into the lower bowl of the stadium, which is the largest in the entire NFL. Overall the field is similar in construction to Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions. It has the majority of its luxury suites on one side of the field, allowing fans in the upper deck closer to the action.

There is option to transfigure the stadium for other events as well. The geometry is set for FIFA standards, so the field can host a World Cup game or friendly in the future. There is already a deal in place for the MLS San Jose Earthquakes to play one game a year for five years in the stadium.

The 49ers have a new stadium this season, one that should be one of the nicer in the NFL. While it doesn’t have the largest capacity in the league, the stadium is supposed to offer great views for fans. It’s done wonders for the team on the secondary market with the 49ers average price on the secondary market one of the highest in the league, and markedly more than it was just a season ago.

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