Top 5 Broadway Tickets Of The Week (8/18)

For the first time in weeks the Broadway Top Five list has seen a pretty major shakeup. For starters, Hedwig and the Angry Inch is no longer the top show. After averaging over $1,000 for most of its shows the last few weeks, Hedwig is now below a $400. That speaks to a larger trend for the week, with average prices down across the board. Only one show has an average over $400, and that’s Kinky Boot.

1) 8/19 - Kinky Boots | Avg. Price: $416.61 | Get-in Price: $106

Kinky Boots has long been part of this list, but the show finally returns to the top spot. But that certainly has more to do with the falling prices of the other shows, than a notable increase. Kinky Boot tickets for the August 19 show only increase one percent over the week, and the get-in price of $106 is pretty close to most of the other shows. The average price of the show is $416.61.

2) 8/23 - Hedwig and the Angry Inch | Avg. Price: $394.61 | Get-in Price: $68

Now only did Hedwig and the Angry Inch tickets fall to the second spot on the list, but prices are less than half of what they were a week ago. In fact, the get-in price of $68 is easily the cheapest on this list, and the cheapest they’ve ever been for the show.

3) 8/24 - A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder | Avg. Price: $379.13 | Get-in Price: $197

A recent addition to the list, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and murder moves up from the bottom spot. But prices for A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder tickets have actually gone down ten percent over the course of the week, a drop that is easily the largest of the week. Granted the get-in price of $197 is easily the largest of any show on the list.

4) 8/23 - Motown | Avg. Price: $367.90 | Get-in Price: $92

Motown is one of just two shows this week to have a get-in price below $100, with the price set at $92 for the week. Overall, Motown tickets are averaging $367.90, which is down from where it’s been the last few weeks. But that’s still enough to get the show on the list this week, a place it’s become quite comfortable with.

5) 8/24 - Lion King | Avg. Price: $347.47 | Get-in Price: $110

The final show on the list is the oldest active show of the five. The Lion King has been on Broadway for ages, as the world has loved to see the popular Disney movie adaptation over the years. The average price of Lion King tickets on August 24 is $347.47 with a get-in price of $110.

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