Top 5 MLB Tickets Of The Week (8/18)

August 18, 2014

The top games this week in Major League Baseball are almost exclusively in big markets. There are both New York clubs, with Boston and Chicago making the list as well. The only game not part of a top-selling ball club is a game pitting the two teams with the best record in the game against each other.

1) 8/23 - CHW vs. NYY | Avg. Price: $145.70 | Get-in Price: $33

While the Chicago White Sox are not exactly the biggest draw for New York Yankees fans, the team is retiring Joe Torre’s #6 at the game. Torre was the manager for the team during their most recent dynasty, and it’s fitting his number would be retired during Derek Jeter’s final season. The average price of New York Yankees tickets for the game is a whopping $145.70, which is easily the most expensive of the week. The get-in price of $33 is only cheaper than one other game on the list.

2) 8/24 - SEA vs. BOS | Avg. Price: $105.87 | Get-in Price: $28

Things haven’t gone according to play in Boston, but Red Sox fans have been shelling out top dollar all season. This week they play the Seattle Mariners, who are in the lead for the final wild card slot with a 67-56 record. Their run differential of +99 is also the second best figure in baseball. The average price of Boston Red Sox tickets for the game is $105.87 and the get-in price is $28.

3) 8/23 - LAA vs. OAK | Avg. Price: $101.01 | Get-in Price: $54

While this game lands in third this week, it’s probably the best game from a talent level. The Los Angeles Angels recently tied the Oakland Athletics for the league’s best record, after trailing the A’s for most of the season. The A’s have struggled recently, losing five straight and going 3-7 in their last ten games. That’s probably not what Billy Beane envisioned after he trade for Red Sox ace Jon Lester at the trade deadline. But with the Angels in town for a series, the A’s have a chance to reclaim the lead. Oakland Athletics tickets for game is averaging $101.01 for the game and has the highest get-in price of the week at $54.

4) 8/23 - BAL vs. CHC | Avg. Price: $97.18 | Get-in Price: $19

Surprisingly an interleague series makes the list this week. But with the game being held at historic Wrigley Field, the price starts to make sense. The Chicago Cubs are generally one of the more expensive tickets in the league, despite their history of failure. Things haven’t changed much this season even though the Cubs have been one of the worst teams in the league. It doesn’t help that the Baltimore Orioles are the opponent, as they have the third best record in all of baseball. The average price of Chicago Cubs tickets for the game is $97.18 and the get-in price is $19.

5) 8/18 - CHC vs. NYM | Avg. Price: $96.44 | Get-in Price: $17

The final game on the list is between two of the worst teams in the league this year. Both the Cubs and the New York Mets are well below .500, but both teams are in big markets. They’ve been one of the worst values on the secondary market, and with the two playing each other for the final game of a four-game series, that hasn’t changed. The average price of New York Mets tickets for the gams is $96.44 and the get-in price is $17.