Angels Playoff Tickets For ALDS Are 401% Above Their Regular Season Average

Angels tickets went on sale today for the playoffs and some have already made their way onto the secondary market. As you might expect prices are quite high. For more on Angels playoff tickets, check out this article we wrote today on Forbes:

...the average price for Angels playoffs tickets is currently $245.51. That average spans the three possible home games for the American League Divisional Series. That average is 401% above the regular season average for games at Angel Stadium this season. The $49 season average was one of the cheapest in the league, despite Los Angeles being one of the best teams in baseball all season long.


No opponent would significantly alter the secondary market price for ALDS tickets, even the division rival A’s. During the regular season the average price for Angels vs Athletics tickets in Anaheim was just $41, 16% below the season average. The opposite holds true for games between these two teams in Oakland. The average price for Oakland Athletics tickets this season was $59.35 and the average against the Angels was $64.31, 8.4% above the season average at Coliseum. The two teams will play in Oakland for the final three games of the regular season with a price almost exactly at the season average.

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