Blackhawks Tickets Jump 12% On Secondary Market From Last Season

After making it to the Western Conference Final last season, the Chicago Blackhawks are ready to improve upon that in the 2014-15 season. Blackhawks fans are ready too as Blackhawks tickets on the secondary market have one of the highest averages in the NFL this season. Here's more on Blackhawks tickets from an article we published today on Forbes:

...the season average for Blackhawks tickets at the United Center is currently $262.32 on the secondary market. This marks a 12% increase from last year’s season average of $234.43. The significant increase in ticket price on the secondary market comes on the heels of the team’s Western Conference Final appearance last season, though the Blackhawks ultimately fell to the Los Angeles Kings in seven games. The Blackhawks won 46 games last season, the most wins in a single season since 2009-10, despite a franchise-record 15 overtime losses. In the lockout-shortened season of 2012-13, the average secondary market price for Blackhawks tickets was $237.38 in 24 home games, marking a 10.5% jump in price for the upcoming season in comparison to the 36-7-5 season the Blackhawks had two years ago. The Blackhawks also have the highest average price for any American NHL franchise this season on the secondary market.
The Blackhawks will host their most expensive home game of the season against the Detroit Red Wings on February 18. The current average price of Blackhawks vs Red Wings tickets is $333.60 on the secondary market, 27% above the season average. The get-in price for the mid-February game is currently listed at $119. The Boston Bruins come to town just four days later and that game will serve as the second most expensive home game on the Blackhawks schedule this season. The average price for Blackhawks vs Bruins tickets is currently $329.54, 25.6% above season average, with a get-in price of $120. The Blackhawks will host six more home games that currently have secondary market averages above the $300 mark, including games between Blues, Kings, Predators, Penguins, Maple Leafs and Rangers.

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