Demand For Dallas Cowboys Tickets Continues To Rise

September 17, 2014

Tickets on the Dallas Cowboys schedule will always be in high demand, after all they are "America's Team". However, what is surprising is that despite several mediocre seasons, not only has demand remained strong, it's actually grown. Since 2010 secondary market prices for Cowboys tickets are up 57 percent, the fifth highest increase over that period. Here's more on the subject from an article we published today on The Huffington Post:

Over the last five years, the average price for games on the Cowboys schedule on the secondary market has risen by 57 percent, which is good for the fifth highest increase over that period. As their week one loss to the 49ers showed, however, that price increase may have more to do with their opponents and their history than it does their current level of play or the state of their fan base in Dallas. For their season-opening loss against the 49ers, it was widely reported that there may have been more 49ers fans at the game than Cowboys fans. At a capacity of over 100,000 fans, that's a lot of red jerseys to see America's team play..... In addition to recognizing the universal lure of his Taj Mahal, Jones also cited the high average price on the secondary market for the game. At an average price of $379, Jones reasoned, even the most die-hard Cowboy fans would be compelled to sell their tickets and watch the game on TV.

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