How Much Would An Intrastate World Series Cost In 2014?

Yesterday on Forbes, we took a look at the possible intrastate World Series in this year's MLB playoffs. Currently, there are four such possibilities: Oakland Athletics & San Francisco Giants,  Washington NationalsBaltimore Orioles, St. Louis Cardinals & Kansas City Royals, and Los Angeles Angels & Los Angeles Dodgers. Here's some of that article where we look back at the regular season secondary market premiums for each potential series:

... the biggest regular season premium for any of these rivalries came when the Los Angeles Dodgers visited the Los Angeles Angels. Angels tickets had a season average of $49 on the secondary market while the two games against the Dodgers had an average of $130.12, a 165.5% premium. Dodgers tickets were significantly cheaper when the Angels played at Dodger Stadium, though they still held a decent premium — 32.4% above the season average — because Dodgers tickets were less expensive throughout the season.
...The Orioles had a series average of $58.53 when hosting the Nationals, just 4.12% higher than the season average of $56.21 for Orioles tickets at home in 2014. In surprising fashion, the Nationals boasted no premium at home for games against the Orioles, with both games at Nationals Park holding the exact season average of $38 for Nationals tickets.
... At Kauffman Stadium, Royals tickets had a season average of $48 on the secondary market this season. The two games against St. Louis had an average price of $101.38, a 111.2% premium. The interest was not shared in St. Louis as the two games against the Royals were 25% below the season average for Cardinals tickets on the secondary market.
Games in the Bay Area between the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s were the only ones to have a secondary market premium of at least 50% at both stadiums. There was a 56.2% ticket premium when the A’s went to San Francisco to play the Giants. Athletics tickets doubled in price for the two games against the Giants, with an average price 106% more expensive than the season average.

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