Ravens Tickets Against The Steelers Are The Cheapest They've Been In 5 Years

September 11, 2014

Everyone is aware of the controversy surrounding the NFL and Baltimore Ravens with the Ray Rice situation. With that in mind, we wanted to see if there was any effect on Baltimore Ravens tickets for Thursday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It turns out that Ravens vs Steelers tickets are the cheapest they've been in 5 seasons. For more on ticket prices for the game, here's some of our recent Forbes article:

For years the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers had one of the best rivalries in the NFL. While the rivalry is still strong for fans in both Pittsburgh and Baltimore, nationally it has taken a back seat to the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. The rivalry will return to the national stage when the two teams play for the Week 2 edition of Thursday Night Football, but even Baltimore Ravens tickets on the secondary market suggest the rivalry doesn’t carry quite as much weight as it once did.
According to TicketIQ, the average price for the game is currently $188.52, which is just 3% above the season average for games at M&T Bank Stadium this season. This will also be the cheapest Steelers-Ravens game in Baltimore since at least 2010 when TicketIQ started keeping track of data. Previously last season’s game had been the least expensive with an average price of $223.11. The most expensive game of the rivalry in Baltimore was back in 2010 with an average price of $465.75.
.......It’s unclear if any of the recent off-field issues surrounding the Ravens have impacted prices for the game against the Steelers. While the average price for the game has dropped over the past few days, the quantity of tickets available on the secondary market has decreased at a similar rate. There at least does not seem to be a season long impact on Ravens tickets for other future home games, at least at this time.

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