Tickets For Jeter's Yankee Stadium Finale 598% More Expensive Than Rest Of Homestand

September 18, 2014

Barring a minor miracle (at least if you're talking to a Yankees fan) there are only 11 games left in Derek Jeter's Hall Of Fame career. Earlier today, we broke down the average prices of Yankees tickets for those final games, with a focus on his Yankee Stadium finale and his final overall game at Fenway Park in Boston. Here's some of that article:

...the average price for  Jeter’s final home game is currently $656.23 on the secondary market. That makes the game 501% more expensive than the next highest priced remaining game at Yankee Stadium. The get-in price of $190 for next Thursday’s game would be the second most expensive average across the other seven games.

For Yankees fans not able to attend the finale, the previous seven games represent a relative steal. The most expensive average is $108.78. Of those games, the most expensive get-in price is $14 for Thursday’s game against Toronto.

While the Yankee Stadium finale is still easily the most expensive game game across Major League Baseball in the regular season, the average price has dropped over the past month. The price for the game peaked at the start of September with an average price of $790.50. The get-in price has also dropped from its peak in late August when the cheapest available ticket on the secondary market was $254.

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