A Look At The Secondary Ticket Market For Comic Con New York

Comic Con is taking place at the Javits Center in New York City this week and earlier today we took a look at the new secondary market that has sprung up for Comic Con tickets. Here is some of the article:

Since launching in 2006, New York’s Comic Con, which takes place at the Jacob K. Javits center, has continued to grow. Last year, over 130,000 fans attended the event.... ReepPop, however, has done everything they can to make sure as many people see the event has possibly. Demand is so strong for this years event that there’s now an active secondary ticket market where people are making money reselling their tickets for as much as three times the price they paid.
According to an article in the New York Times, the economic impact of Comic Con last year was $70 million and this year primary tickets sold out in hours. During almost every year of it’s existence, demand and attendance has steadily increased, and the emergence of a secondary market suggests that demand is not yet completely satisfied... After the first year’s success, the shows organizer booked double the floor space in 2007 by moving to the upper level of the Javits Center. In 2008, the floor space increased by another 50% to take up most of the main floor. By 2010, the show had taken over all of Javits’ 1.8 million square feet. From there, the only way to expand was by adding another day, which they did in 2011. Since then, the show has continued to sell out instantly, and according to data from TicketIQ.com, there’s now an active secondary market for anyone who missed buying tickets because they were too busy catching up on back episodes of Star Trek or Dr. Who.

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