Prices For Royals Tickets On Secondary Market Say It's World Series Or Bust

Yesterday on Forbes, we broke down how Kansas City Royals tickets for the ALCS have dropped nearly 30% since the series began and are now lower than their ALDS prices. Today, we dug a little deeper and took a look at Royals World Series tickets in an article on the Huffington Post. Here is some of that article:

With a 2-0 series lead and the World Series on the horizon, the average price for the three potential Royals LCS games is now $318, with the cheapest ticket for today's game now going for under face price, at $99. A week ago, the cheapest ticket was almost double that price. Over the last five years of tracking the ticket market at TicketIQ, we've never seen a playoff run where LCS prices are cheaper than LDS prices.
... After winning the first two games of the series, Royals fans are sending a clear signal that they believe the party won't stop until the World Series, and that there will be a lot more baseball in Kansas City this October. On the other side of that demand curve, World Series tickets are as expensive as they've been over the last five years. At an average price of $1,881, World Series tickets at Kauffmann Stadium are the most expensive of any of the four teams that could make it, and more expensive than World Series tickets for any team over the last five seasons, including last years Red Sox.

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