Royals ALDS Tickets Are Highest In Baseball Over Last 5 Years

The Kansas City Royals broke a 29 year playoff drought this season. Now as the Royals defeated the Oakland A's in the AL Wild Card Game, Royals tickets are in high demand for the ALDS. Earlier today, we broke down the prices of Royals tickets on Forbes, here's some of that article:

Royals tickets for the ALDS, which returns to Kansas City on Sunday after two game in Anaheim, prices have jumped significantly since the Royals walk off win. At an average price of $487, the average price for the Royals game Sunday has gone up 10% since the end of the Wild Card game and 115% over the last week.
At the current price, the game is ten times more expensive than the Royals season average this year at Kaufmann Stadium of $48. It’s also the most expensive ALDS game since we’ve been tracking the market over the last five years. The next closest was game five of the 2012 Yankees – Orioles series in 2012. At an average price of $414, that game was almost 20% less expensive than the game Sunday. Of course, that was also the deciding and tie-breaking game of the series. The game Sunday isn’t likely to have that kind of drama, however, after the longest playoff drought in North American sports history, Royals fans are happily paying up. Compared Angels fans, Royals fans are paying 119% more for tickets to the ALDS. The current average price for Angels tickets in the ALDS is $158, which makes it 2nd cheapest average ALDS average, ahead of only the Tigers.

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