A Guide To Buying Houston Texans Tickets At NRG Stadium


The NFL’s Houston Texans have been playing in NRG Stadium since the 2002 season and have since made two playoff appearances in the 2011 and 2012 seasons losing in the Divisional Round both times to the Ravens and Patriots respectively.

NRG Stadium Seating MapWhile the Texans have had limited success on the football field in terms of wins and playoff appearances, Texans tickets have not suffered at all in the secondary market as they continue to have an average of $170 in the secondary market since the 2011 season.

During that time span, the most expensive game during the regular season for Houston Texans tickets was in the 2012 season when the Texans hosted the Baltimore Ravens on October 21st of that year as Texans tickets for that game had an average price of $431.97 in the secondary market, which is 153.5% over their home average of the past four seasons.


For the 2014 season, Houston Texans tickets at NRG Stadium have an average price of $187.31 according to TicketIQ. The most expensive game this season for Houston Texans tickets at NRG stadium was this past Sunday when the Texans hosted an NFC East opponent the Philadelphia Eagles. Texans tickets for that game had a secondary average of $280.87, which is 50.5% over their home average for the 2014 season.

Year by year Texans Season Average (Last 4 years)
Year Avg Price
2011 $148.41
2012 $300.99
2013 $168.51
2014 $187.31

During the regular season, Texans tickets in average price versus their Divisional opponents (Jaguars, Titans, and Colts) remained consistent except for the 2012 season when Texans tickets skyrocketed to an average price of $300.99 in the secondary market at NRG Stadium following the 2011 season when they won their first AFC South Division title and first ever playoff appearance as the reason for the price jump in average ticket price. The Texans finished with a 12-4 record in the 2012 season as one of their most expensive games that year was against Division rival the Indianapolis Colts as that 2012 matchup at NRG Stadium had an average ticket price of $360.90 in the secondary market.

Prices versus divisional opponents (Last 4 years)
2011 Jaguars $108.70
2012 Jaguars $192.10
2013 Jaguars $99.16
2014 Jaguars $167.07


2011 Titans $230.39
2012 Titans $238.21
2013 Titans $215.81
2014 Titans $175.74


2011 Colts $145.50
2012 Colts $360.90
2013 Colts $167.86
2014 Colts $175.45

Against everybody else in the NFL, Texans tickets in average price vary depending on the opponent, however in the 2011 and 2012 seasons a team representing the AFC North conference became the most expensive Texans game at NRG Stadium in those respective seasons, the Steelers in 2011 and the Ravens in 2012. In the 2013 season, the most expensive Texans ticket at NRG Stadium was when the Seattle Seahawks came to town a NFC West opponent. This season however, the most expensive game this season at home was against the Eagles which is somewhat surprising but considering the opponents the Texans have on their home schedule for this season makes it understandable. Below is a chart of the top priced Texans games at NRG Stadium since 2011 according to TicketIQ.

Prices of most expensive Texans games versus premium non divisional opponents (Last 4 Years)
Year Opponent Avg Price
2011 Steelers $299.82
2012 Ravens $437.97
2013 Seahawks $243.05
2014 Eagles $280.87

When it comes to an a good in game experience at NRG Stadium, guests who are looking for the best value for their buck for affordable seats that will provide an over the top in game experience can’t go wrong by looking to sit in the 100’s Endzone section. While average prices for these seats vary depending on the opponent the Texans will play, 100’s Endzone seats have had an average asking price as low as $194.87, which is not cheap but still affordable. The cheapest seats at NRG Stadium are the 600’s endzone section, but even those seats have had an average asking price as high $146, so it’s actually worth spending a little more to get a much more enjoyable in game experience at NRG Stadium.


NRG Stadium not only just a football stadium but just as much for its Rodeo show as the indoor/outdoor stadium has a retractable roof and employs two different playing surfaces with a natural grass field for pro football games and Astro Turf used for college and high school games.

The stadium offers four big concourse levels filled with special events, numerous lounges, suites, and as many as 38 concession stands with four large bars.

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