A Guide To Buying Packers Tickets At Lambeau Field

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The Green Bay Packers went just 8-7-1 last season but clinched a playoff berth in a weak NFC North. With quarterback Aaron Rodgers returning to full health this season after being sidelined for an extended amount of time with a broken collarbone in 2013, the Packers have found themselves in a heated divisional battle with the Detroit Lions. The two teams will meet at Lambeau Field in the final week of the regular season, which may serve as the most important game on the Packers schedule as the season enters its second half.

Alongside the return of their franchise quarterback this year, the Packers have also seen ticket prices at home on the secondary market slightly increase since last season. According to TicketIQ, the average secondary price for Packers tickets this season is $211.85, up 7% from last season’s average of $197.94. Secondary ticket prices at Lambeau Field peaked in 2011 following the team’s Super Bowl win the year prior, however, and the Packers owned a season average of $262.86. This marks a four-year drop of 19.4% for Packers tickets at home. The Packers also won 15 games in 2011, which generated a huge increase in ticket price on the secondary market.
Year-by-Year Packers Season Average (Last 4 years):
Year Avg Ticket Price
2011 $262.86
2012 $249.88
2013 $197.94
2014 $211.85

In the 2014 season, the Packers play their three most expensive games against the Panthers, Patriots and Eagles. On October 19, the Packers hosted their top-priced game against the Panthers and saw an average price of $334.62 on the secondary market, marking a 57.9% premium over season average at Lambeau Field. Get-in price for the game started at $144. The Packers cruised to a 38-17 win over the Panthers and picked up their fifth win of the season.

The Packers will welcome the Patriots to Green Bay on November 30, which will serve as the second most expensive home game on the Packers schedule this season. The average secondary price for Packers vs Patriots tickets is $273.92, 29.29% above season average, and get-in price starts at $135. The Eagles will travel to Lambeau Field two weeks prior to the Patriots’ visit and will garner the third highest-priced tickets in Green Bay for their November 16 game. The average price for Packers vs Eagles tickets is currently $260.96 on the secondary market, 23.18% above season average. That game will see a get-in price of $130.

Top-Priced Games at Lambeau Field in 2014:
Game Avg Price Get-In Price
10/19 vs Panthers $334.62 $144.00
11/30 vs Patriots $273.92 $135.00
11/16 vs Eagles $260.96 $130.oo

Surprisingly enough, the Packers will host one of their cheapest home games of the season against the Lions. Despite the tight-knit battle in the NFC North, secondary ticket prices haven’t garnered a premium when they meet in Week 17. The team will host its cheapest home game this year against the Falcons on December 8 while they welcome the Vikings as their second cheapest opponent at home on October 2

The average price for Packers vs Falcons tickets on December 8 is $144.42 on the secondary market, 31.8% below season average, and get-in price starts at $76. The Falcons have struggled mightily this season and won’t elicit much of a demand for their visit to Green Bay in early December. The Vikings traveled to Lambeau Field on October 2 and saw a secondary average of $207.32, 2.1% below season average, with a get-in price of $112. The Packers welcome the division-rival Lions on December 28, where average price for Packers vs Lions tickets is currently $210.49 and get-in price starts at $117.

Cheapest Games at Lambeau Field in 2014:
Game Avg Price Get-In Price
12/8 vs Falcons $144.42 $76
10/2 vs Vikings $207.32 $112
12/28 vs Lions $210.49 $117

With five home games remaining this season, the best deals on Packers tickets can typically be found in section 318, which is considered a Redzone section. Secondary tickets for the Packers’ remaining home games in this section usually see prices that are 30-40% below market price. Section 318 is located just two sections west of the 50 yard line and offers great views of the game for a relatively affordable price.


Lambeau Field offers a variety of additional perks and amenities around the venue for fans attending home Packers games. Several contests are held at each home game including the “Crunch Time Catch”, which allows two contestants to show their punt catching abilities. If they are able to catch consecutive 30 and 40-yard punts, they will win Packer prizes. “Culver’s Quarterback Challenge” also allows fans the opportunity to be on the field during halftime and win two game tickets to an additional home game and other Culver’s gifts.

Lambeau Field and the Packers are also involved in all major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Fans who tweet the most original and creative responses during gameday will win prizes from DiGiorno Pizza.

For the best deals on tickets to all remaining Packers home games, visit TicketIQ.com.

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