Radio City Christmas Specular Ticket Breakdown (11/17 – 11/23)

Week 2 of the Radio City Spectacular sees Santa & the Rockettes in 15 performances between Thursday and Sunday.

This week's performances have an average secondary market asking price of $273.96 per ticket. In fact, of the 15 shows this week, 4 carry an average ticket price above $300 (Thursday at 11am, Saturday at 10am, Saturday at 1pm, and Sunday at 10am) with the Saturday 10am show the most expensive of the bunch ($339.23). Conversely, Friday at 5pm has the cheapest average ticket price of the week at $240.03. That performance also has the cheapest available ticket of the week, at $33.

Check out the chart below for your guide to Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets this week and be sure to check out the Blog at for a week by week analysis for the entire show’s run!

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Week 1 (11/11-11/16)

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