Cowboys Tickets Averaging Over $350 For First Trip To Playoffs Since 2010

December 31, 2014


(UPDATE - 12/31) The Dallas Cowboys will host the Detroit Lions in an NFC Wild Card matchup at AT&T Stadium in Arlington this Sunday. After cementing a first-place finish in the NFC East, the Cowboys now look to make a push into their first Divisional Round playoff game since 2009, where they fell to the Minnesota Vikings in a 34-3 blowout. Five years later, Tony Romo is back to prove he’s worth every penny on his remaining three-year contract. The game will also serve as the most expensive Wild Card meeting this weekend, where the average secondary price for Cowboys vs Lions tickets is $368.14 and get-in price starts at $126.

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Following a 42-7 stomping over the Indianapolis Colts this past Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys now own the third seed in the NFC and have the potential to earn a first-round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. It’s been five years since Dallas last claimed the NFC East title in 2009, so it’s only reasonable that ticket prices have jumped significantly for their first postseason game at AT&T Stadium in five seasons. The playoff picture is constantly changing, but Cowboys fans should expect to pay big on the secondary market when their team takes to the field in January.

The Cowboys currently own the third seed in the NFC, but their postseason comfort will be determined by the end of Sunday. They’ll take on a reeling Redskins team that shouldn’t serve as a threat, but the Cowboys will need both the Seahawks and Cardinals to lose this weekend in order to guarantee a first-round bye. Whether the team will fight in the Wild Card or Divisional Game remains unknown, but Cowboys tickets on the secondary market already own a $309.32 average.

With secondary tickets averaging north of the $300 plateau, prices have gone up more than 9% over the Cowboy’s season average of $283.73 on the secondary market. Fans searching for tickets will find the cheapest seat listed at $102. If the season were to end today, the Cowboys would take on the Arizona Cardinals in the Wild Card Game, as the Cardinals’ 11-4 season has been frustrated by the identical-record Seahawks and their first-place bid in the NFC West.

The Cardinals are a team the Cowboys would rather pass on in a Wild Card matchup, but a loss to the Redskins this weekend may prove costly for Tony Romo and his NFC East champions. One thing remains clear, however - wherever the Cowboys end up, big secondary ticket prices will most certainly follow.

The last time the Cowboys made the playoffs, they hosted a Wild Card game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The average price for the game was $261.85 with a get-in price of $105. It was actually 21% below the average price against the Eagles the Week prior for a game that decided the NFC East.

1/9/2010 NFC WIld Card Philadelphia Eagles $261.85 $105
1/17/2010 NFC Divisional Minnesota Vikings $260.79 $95