Top Broadway Tickets Of The Week (12/29)

Tickets for the top Broadway shows this week have plummeted in average price compared to last week and there is only one show with an asking average price above $500. For the second straight week, Cabaret is the top-priced priced Broadway show . Below are the top five most expensive shows on the Great White Way this week, according to TicketIQ.


1/2/15- Cabaret | Avg. Price: $567.46 | Get in Price: $224 |

Cabaret again reigns supreme as the most expensive Broadway show on the secondary market this week. The performance is based on the book by Christopher Isherwood that tells the story of a nightclub in 1930’s Berlin where a young English Performer starts a relationship with an American writer.  Starring Emma Stone and Alan Cumming, “Cabaret” tickets have a current average price of $567.46 on the secondary market and get-in price starts at $224.


1/2/15- Elephant Man | Avg. Price: $485.76 | Get in Price: $349 |

For the fourth straight week, “Elephant Man” is part of the top shows lineup as two-time Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper stars in this Tony Award-winning classic based on the life of Joseph Merrick. Elephant Man tickets for this Friday’s showing at the Booth Theatre have a current average price of $485.76 on the secondary market with a get in price of $349 and tickets are now up 4% over the past week.


12/30/14- Lion King | Avg. Price: $451.39 | Get in Price: $159 |

The Lion King is back on the top shows list for the second straight week but at a much more affordable price as tickets for tomorrow’sshowing at the Minksoff Theatre have a current average price of $451.39 and get in price of $159 on the secondary market.  The Broadway musical starring Aaron Nelson and Chantel Riley will have five showings this week.


1/2/15- Aladdin | Avg. Price: $410.89 | Get in Price: $204 |

Aladdin makes a return to the top shows lineup with a showing this Friday at the New Amsterdam Theater. The average secondary price for Friday Aladdin tickets is $410.89, up 47% from last week, and get-in price starts at $204. Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed star in this Tony Award-winning musical comedy.

1/3/15 Flashdance  |  Avg. Price: $502.50  |  Get-in: $344 |

Flashdance will again appear on this week’s top Broadway shows list for a performance on Saturday. The average price for Flashdance tickets to its Saturday show is $502.50 and get-in price starts at $344 on the secondary market. The musical tells the story of steel mill welder Alex Owens, who undergoes hardship through love, her job and her hopeful dream of one day becoming a professional dancer

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