Brewers Unveil $1,000 "Timeless Ticket"


The Milwaukee Brewers have unveiled a special $1,000 “Timeless Ticket” which is essentially an investment into the future of the franchise. The Timeless Ticket allows its owner one ticket to any future game of its choosing. Whether the fan wants to attend Opening Day or Game 7 of the World Series, Timeless Ticket will guarantee that fan one seat. Last season, World Series tickets on the secondary market averaged nearly $1,000 per seat, making the Timeless Ticket an increasing short-term or long-term investment.

The Brewers explain the Timeless Ticket in more detail below:

This unique opportunity allows the owner to redeem their Timeless Ticket for an actual ticket to any single future Brewers game at Miller Park, whether it’s in 2015 or 2050, or whether it’s Opening Day or the 7th game of the World Series. Plus, the package now includes ticket vouchers to attend nine additional Brewers regular season games of the owner’s choice (excluding Opening Day and Postseason).

To redeem the ticket, the owner just needs to contact the Brewers Box Office with their unique Timeless Ticket information as well as a photo ID and the date of the game he or she would like to attend. After redemption, the owner of the Timeless Ticket will keep the personalized brass statue to display. In addition, Timeless Ticket holders may purchase up to three additional companion tickets for the redeemed game at the single game box office price.

All ticket redemptions are subject to availability and owners of the Timeless Ticket are advised to contact the Brewers Box Office with their selected game as early as possible. Redemptions for the Timeless Ticket will be become available once dates for public ticket sales have been announced.

The nine additional games are a nice, immediate reward for making a ‘long-term’ investment in the Brewers. Milwaukee won 82 games last season and have made some slight improvements to its roster. Still, Milwaukee will need to dethrone St. Louis and Pittsburgh in the National League Central. Investors in the Timeless Ticket will have to consider whether they have the patience to watch the team develop. Patience is a virtue and Milwaukee has given its fans a unique opportunity to invest in their favorite team and secure their spot at a game of their choosing.

For the 2014-15 regular season, Brewers tickets currently have a secondary market average price of $81.72.

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