Patriots Super Bowl Tickets 125% More Expensive Than Their Last Trip In 2012

January 30, 2015

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(UPDATE 1/30) In less than two days, the New England Patriots will look to win their first Super Bowl since the 2004 season. The Patriots have been to the Super Bowl twice since then, but lost both times to the New York Giants. While New England has been one of the best teams in the league every year, it has been 10 years since they could claim the championship. Any Pats fans hoping to get Super Bowl tickets to see the game live will have to pay a premium on the secondary market. The current average price for Super Bowl tickets is $9,484.37 with a get-in price of $7,087.

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(UPDATE 1/29) Super Bowl XLIX has become the Rob Gronkowski of Super Bowl tickets. Prices have been unstoppable on the secondary market since the end of the AFC Championship Game. While there was a small lull at the start of the week, the Super Bowl has spent most of the past two weeks with an average price that would make it the most expensive event of at least the past six years.

The current average price for Super Bowl tickets on the secondary market is $8,051.21. That’s 91% above the average price of New England’s last appearance in a Super Bowl in 2012. That Super Bowl had been the most expensive on the secondary market until this year.


(UPDATE 1/28) The Patriots fielded any and all questions relating to DeflateGate at Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday, and it appears that the controversy is finally taking a backseat just five days out of Super Bowl 49 on Sunday. Perhaps the team’s biggest headline on Media Day was from tight end Rob Gronkowski, who was his usual outgoing self around the dozens of reporters that piled in to ask questions during his hour of media time. The 25-year-old was flirtatious and modest and even recited excerpts from “A Gronking to Remember”, the failed erotica novel series focused on his skyrocketing career in the NFL. The Patriots will face the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday, where they own a 1-point advantage in the latest lines released on Monday.


(UPDATE 1/27) Never a team shy about being outspoken, the Seattle Seahawks roll into Media Day in an unusual position of being under the radar. With all of the talk about the New England Patriots last week, the other Super Bowl participant went mostly unnoticed heading into the Pro Bowl. While that should change this week, the price to see the Seahawks in the Super Bowl has also changed. The secondary market average price for Super Bowl tickets is now $5,762.17, which is down 5.6% from yesterday’s average price of $6,103.07. The get-in price has also dropped significantly, now at $3,299, which is down from $3,750.


(UPDATE 1/23) It’s likely the New England Patriots and their fans can’t wait for the Super Bowl to kick off. The sooner the game starts, the sooner the Patriots can hope to put all the headlines surrounding deflated footballs behind them. Even while no one has been talking about the game lately, there is high demand surrounding ticket prices on the secondary market. The current average price for New England Patriots Super Bowl tickets on TicketIQ is $4,833.25, which is 14.7% above New England’s last trip to the Super Bowl.

The get-in price is currently $2,395, which would also top Super Bowl XLVI for the most expensive ticket since TicketIQ has kept track of data in 2010.


(UPDATE 1/22) In the wake of Deflate-gate, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick took to the podium on Thursday morning to offer a press conference addressing the latest controversy. As New England sets to play in its eighth Super Bowl Game in franchise history, ESPN reported that all balls used in the second half of the AFC Championship Game were of appropriate weight and size.

Over a conference that spanned just 11 minutes, Belichick admitted that he did not have an explanation as to why several balls were underweight during the Patriots routing of the Colts last Sunday. No disciplinary measure has been given out by the NFL yet, but if evidence is found that the Patriots were tampering with footballs, that person could face a $25,000 fine.

While all that is going on, prices for Patriots Super Bowl tickets continue to rise on the secondary market and are now up to $4,679.21 per seat.


(UPDATE 1/21) While the Patriots are making headlines for non-Super Bowl related stories, fans looking for Patriots Super Bowl tickets will continue to pay high prices on the secondary market. Both the average and get-in price for Super Bowl tickets has risen on the secondary market. The current average price for the game is $4,427.92, which is up 12.52% over this time last year. At its current average, this Super Bowl would be the most expensive TicketIQ has tracked over the past six seasons.

The get-in price is now $2,125, which is up $268 from the conclusion of the AFC Championship Game.

(UPDATE 1/19) The New England Patriots seem to bring high ticket prices with them whenever they’re in the Super Bowl. New England’s last visit brought the only Super Bowl over the past five seasons to finish with an average price above $4,000. This year could again be the same. The current average price for Super Bowl tickets on the secondary market is $4.077.99. The get-in price for the game is $1850.

Patriots fans may also be looking forward to the game as New England is now favored to win on February 1. The Seahawks had opened as the favorite in most Las Vegas sportsbooks, but many bets on the Patriots pushed them to become one-point favorites on Monday.

It’s official - The New England Patriots are heading to Arizona to play the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. After decimating the Indianapolis Colts at Gillette Stadium  Sunday night, the Patriots will now travel to University of Phoenix Stadium to play on the NFL’s biggest stage.  It will be the team’s first Super Bowl appearance since 2012 and the franchise’s eighth overall.

While fate handed the team its second consecutive Super Bowl loss to the Giants three seasons ago, the Patriots will hope to keep past demons at bay when they take on Seattle on February 1. Tom Brady will be looking to hoist the Lombardi Trophy for the fourth time in his career, but the defending champion Seahawks will likely serve as a formidable final opponent. The team’s haven’t met since October of 2012 and have only played each other 16 times in 38 years. The series is tied at 8-8. This year’s Super Bowl will serve as quite the tie-breaking affair on February 1.

There’s no postseason history behind the Patriots-Seahawks rivalry, but ticket prices are already more expensive than last year’s Super Bowl Game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. New England Patriots Super Bowl tickets on TicketIQ now average at $3949.52, which is 17% more expensive than last year’s average of $3,375.88 when the Seahawks took down Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. The Super Bowl’s cheapest seat is $1,857, 45% more expensive than last year’s get-in price of $1,278.

Though secondary ticket prices are higher than last year’s game, Super Bowl XLIX won’t reach the record-setting average of 2012’s game between the Patriots and Giants. That year, the average price for Super Bowl tickets was $4,214.53, marking a 7% drop in price since the Patriots last played this far into the season.

The Patriots and Seahawks last met on October 14, 2012 at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. The Seahawks led a spirited win over the Patriots at home, posting a nail-biting 24-23 victory. Russell Wilson was able to defeat Tom Brady in his rookie season that year, and the third-year man and reigning Super Bowl champion will use his big-game experience in Arizona in two weeks when he hopes to again strike oil against New England.

With Super Bowl XLIX tickets hovering near the $4,000 average, excitement certainly exists to see the Patriots and Seahawks add the next chapter to their rather brief storyline. As Brady enters the twilight of his career, the 37-year-old will make what may be his final Super Bowl appearance in Glendale on February 1 and add another piece of hardware to his illustrious Hall of Fame resume.