Prices For Lakers vs Cavs Tickets Down 18%, Only 5th Most Expensive Game Of Season

January 12, 2015


The Los Angeles Lakers will host the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night. It is currently scheduled to be the fifth most expensive home Lakers game of the season on the secondary market. For the Cavaliers, LeBron James has not played in a game since December 28 due to a knee and lower back injury. Reports suggest James should return to practice early in the week and should be ready to go by Thursday night.

Currently the average price for the game is $288.14 on the secondary market, with a get-in price of $60. While the Cavs have been a big draw on the road this season, the possibility of no James in the lineup, and the overall play of the Lakers so far has caused prices to drop 18% on the secondary market in the last week.

Below are the ten most expensive Lakers home games for the rest of the season:

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This game comes nowhere near James’ last visit to Staples Center as a member of the Miami Heat on Christmas Day of 2013. The average price for that game was $536.06 with a get-in price of $124.

However, only one game so far this season for the Lakers has brought a higher average price on the secondary market, a December 23 game against the Golden State Warriors. The game had an average price of $359.49, 25% above the average price for Thursday’s game against Cleveland. There are also three games scheduled to have a higher average price than the one against the Cavs. A January 29 game against the Chicago Bulls has an average price of $294.14, a March 1 game against the Oklahoma City Thunder has an average price of $289.73 and an April 5 game against the Los Angeles Clippers currently has a $288.92 average.

LeBron James Stats At Staples Since 2010-2011
Date Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks
12/25/2010 27 11 10 4 0
3/4/2012 25 13 7 3 2
1/17/2013 39 7 8 3 1
1/25/2013 19 8 4 0 0


The Clippers will also the Cavaliers this week with a game to be played on Friday night. While both games will be played in the same arena, the Lakers game will be 19% more expensive as the Cavaliers vs Clippers tickets have an average price of $242.30.