Is Firefly Taking A Gamble Booking Morrissey?

Booking Morrissey is a bit of a two edged sword. While the former Smiths singer has a massive cult following, he's also notorious for canceling show for both personal and medical reasons, often leaving those with Morrissey tickets as sad as 1986-era Smiths.


Just for some history, Morrissey cancelled his entire 2013 US tour and over half his 2014 tour due to medical reasons, as well as a number of European gigs. He's recently revealed this cancellations were made so he could undergo initial cancer treatment. However, his strong vegetarian beliefs are always cause for concern. Morrissey cancelled a gig in Iceland because the venue served meat, and even walked off the stage at Coachella in 2009 because of the air smelt like meat.

Despite the warning signs, he's been booked for the 2015 Firefly Festival in Delaware. Thus far, it's his line 2015 US tour date. While there's many risks, a successful Morrissey gig includes 1000's of fans willing to spend big bucks for the increasingly rare chance to see their hero live. Let's just hope Firefly goes vegan for his set.

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