Red Sox Most Expensive, Marlins Cheapest Games On 2015 Phillies Schedule

February 20, 2015

The Philadelphia Phillies are opening the 2015 regular season at home against the Boston Red Sox. All three games will also serve as the most expensive on the secondary market this season. The series will start on April 6, before a day off. The two other games will be played on April 8 and 9.


Currently, the average price for Phillies Opening Day tickets against the Red Sox is $158.80 with a get-in price of $31. The series finale will be the second most expensive game with an average price of $131.26 and get-in price of $23. The middle game of the series currently has an average price of $125.81 with a get-in price of $21.

Over the first two months of the season, only one other game at Citizens Bank Park will have an average price exceeding $100. That will be a May 15 game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Phillies vs Diamondbacks tickets currently have an average price of $104.74 with a get-in price of $17. There does not appear to be a reason this game specifically has such a high average, especially since the following game holds one of the most popular promotions in Philadelphia. On May 16, the Phillies will host Dollar Dog night, along with cornhole night. Tickets for that game have an average price of $81.93 with a get-in price of $17.


The least expensive Phillies tickets this season will come during a three-game series against the Miami Marlins in late April. From April 21 to 23, only one game has an average price above $50, the series finale with an average of $50.55. Marlins vs Phillies tickets have an average price of $45 on April 22 and an average of $44 on April 21.

Philadelphia is coming off a season in which they finished last in the NL East with a record of 73-89. Expectations are not much higher for 2015.

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