University of Michigan Introduces Need-Based Ticket Prices For Students

February 24, 2015

031311_SPT_Selection Sunday_MRM

The University of Michigan’s Athletic Department announced a new policy whereby students that demonstrate financial need will be eligible to purchase season tickets at discounted, ‘need-based’ prices. Students eligible for Federal Pell Grants will be able to purchase season tickets for football, men’s basketball, and hockey at new pricing levels. The discounted prices for men’s basketball, football and hockey tickets will be $120, $100, and $90, respectively. The standard tickets prices for these three sports are $200, $175, and $150, respectively. Students cannot receive the award for more than 12 full-time semesters.

Need-based pricing for student tickets came from Student Government President, Bobby Dishell. Dishell was very proactive when formulating a plan for lower ticket prices and spoke to members of Athletic Department about the initiative. The Athletic Department initially believed that need-based pricing would be difficult to implement, but a deal was made with the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid began emailing eligible students on February 23rd with instructions on how to purchase tickets.

In October 2014, Michigan’s Athletic Department announced some changes regarding its ticket prices for football games. Ticket prices dropped from $295 to $175, which means football season tickets are less expensive than men’s basketball season tickets. On per game basis, football tickets still command higher prices.


Students can start buying tickets on March 11th and the renewal policy will last until March 27th. The seating policies will remain largely unchanged and seat locations will be decided by attendance rather than seniority.

There was a renewed sense of optimism surrounding Michigan’s football program after the hiring of John Harbaugh. Fans can expect emotional, physical battles with Ohio State, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. Regardless of income levels, all students will have opportunities to watch their Wolverines in person.

On the secondary market, Michigan football tickets have an average price of $216.66 for the 2015 season. The most expensive of which will be a November 28 meeting with Ohio State. The current average price for the game is $404.70 with a get-in price of $195.

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