WWE Fastlane Tickets Second Only To “Occupy Raw” in Memphis

February 20, 2015


With just 2 days until the inaugural WWE Fastlane event, anticipation is high for the number 1 contender’s main event of Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan.

To their credit, the WWE creative team has done a splendid job creating drama, mystery and controversy around what was once considered a lock Wrestlemania main event.

With excitement growing, WWE Fastlane tickets at Fedex Forum have reached an average ticket price of $135.38 on the secondary market. That's the second priciest WWE event in Memphis of the past 5 years, second only to the “Occupy Raw” event also highlighted by Daniel Bryan on March 14th, 2014.


Fastlane is also creating more demand than the previous two Elimination Chamber events, of which it replaced. 2014 in Minnesota featured an average ticket price of $121.03 while 2013's event in New Orleans averaged $79.98.

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WWE tickets at the FedEx Forum over the past 5 years

Average Ticket Price Cheapest Ticket Available
08/27/11 WWE Raw $69.75 $45.00
01/02/12 WWE Raw $106.62 $67.00
10/16/12 WWE Smackdown $68.26 $29.00
10/21/13 WWE Raw $57.79 $32.00
03/10/14 WWE Raw (“Occupy Raw”) $191.76 $39.00
09/22/14 WWE Raw $122.22 $34.00
02/22/15 WWE Fastlane $135.38 $39.00