The Fantasticks Set to Close Off-Broadway in May

March 27, 2015

Off-Broadway smash-hit The Fantasticks will be closing its curtain for good this spring. The minimalistic show will make its final performance on May 3 at The Jerry Orbach Theater in Times Square, which will bring its total number of U.S. shows to 20,672 over its 55 years in production.


The May 3 show also marks the anniversary of the production’s first performance in 1960. Using just eight cast members, two musicians and a confetti sprinkler, The Fantasticks was inexpensive to produce but felt the financial pressure from surrounding Broadway plays and often struggled to fill seats.

The musical’s story is widely based on Edmond Rostand’s The Romancers, following the arranged pairing of boy and girl by the doing of their fathers. The couple grows to realize the patriarchal trickery and agree to separate, but ultimately mature through individual life experiences and reunite by the plot’s conclusion.

44 more shows are scheduled through May 3, and the average price for The Fantasticks tickets on TicketIQ is $110.97. Tickets for the final performance are currently available from $58. In its 55-year run, the musical played in over 67 countries. It’s been a staple in the heart of Times Square since 2006.

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